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Culture | 03.11.2024

The Best Things To Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now

As the digital shelves of Amazon Prime continue to expand with an ever-growing selection of movies and series, finding the perfect title for your next binge-watching session has never been easier.

In the mood for a heart-pounding thriller?

A laugh-out-loud comedy? Or a deep dive into a documentary? Amazon Prime’s vast library is ready to cater to every cinematic craving.

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Beyond The Horizon


Beyond the Horizon is not just another space exploration series; it’s a deeply human story set against the backdrop of the infinite cosmos. The series begins with humanity’s bold step towards colonizing distant planets, following the crew of the spacecraft Ulysses as they embark on a mission to establish a new home for humanity.

As they traverse the vast expanse of space, they encounter alien worlds filled with beauty, mystery, and danger. What sets “Beyond the Horizon” apart is its focus on the psychological and emotional journey of the crew, grappling with isolation, the weight of their mission, and the ties that bind them to the Earth they’ve left behind.

Through breathtaking visuals and poignant storytelling, the series explores themes of identity, legacy, and the indomitable human spirit, making it a compelling watch for anyone fascinated by the possibilities of space and the complexities of human nature.

Comedy Junction

Set in the heart of a bustling city, “Comedy Junction” is a melting pot of stories, laughter, and life lessons, all converging within the walls of its central train station. Each episode introduces viewers to a colorful cast of characters – from the daily commuter to the wanderlust-driven traveler and the dedicated station staff who see it all.

“Comedy Junction” excels in its ability to weave together diverse narratives, finding humor in the chaos of daily life while touching on deeper themes of connection, chance encounters, and the shared human experience.

The series boasts a dynamic ensemble cast whose impeccable timing and chemistry breathe life into the witty script. With its blend of slapstick, situational comedy, and tender moments, “Comedy Junction” invites viewers to laugh, reflect, and perhaps see their own stories reflected in the hustle and bustle of the junction.

The Secret Lives Of Antiques


The Secret Lives of Antiques is a documentary series that delves into the rich tapestry of history, art, and human endeavor that antiques embody. Each episode is a treasure hunt, uncovering the mysteries and stories behind extraordinary items—from a vase that survived dynasties to a clock that witnessed revolutions.

The series not only highlights the intrinsic beauty and craftsmanship of these objects but also the personal histories, cultural significance, and often surprising adventures they’ve experienced.

Narrated by experts, historians, and sometimes the objects’ current custodians, “The Secret Lives of Antiques” offers a captivating glimpse into the past, revealing how these items continue to influence the present. It’s an enchanting journey that appeals to history enthusiasts, collectors, and storytellers alike, inviting viewers to look beyond the surface and discover the stories that have shaped our world.

Vikings: Valhalla


Vikings: Valhalla resurrects the legendary tales of the Norsemen with fresh narrative vigor, exploring the epic sagas of the most famous Vikings who ever lived.

The series is a deep dive into the adventures of Leif Erikson, Freydis Eiriksdottir, and Harald Hardrada, as they navigate the complex political landscapes of an evolving Europe. “Vikings: Valhalla” brings to life the historical and mythical aspects of Viking culture, from brutal battles and sea voyages to the intricate social and family bonds that define the Viking world.

With a commitment to historical detail, the series also delves into the Vikings’ encounters with the English royalty and the Christian world, highlighting the cultural exchanges and conflicts that shaped the era. The richly developed characters, combined with stunning cinematography and authentic set designs, transport viewers back in time, offering a visceral experience of the Viking Age’s challenges, triumphs, and tragedies.

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