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culture | 12.02.2019

Nappy Roots Joins Bong Burgundy For More Potty Talk

The Nug Nation have an interview with Nappy Roots, who stopped by the studio to be interviewed – in the bathroom, no less – by Bong Burgundy.

The Nug Nation is a stop motion comedy series, featuring popular strains of cannabis that are fashioned into a community of animated characters, which now includes the members of Nappy Roots.

Nappy Roots joins “The Nug Nation”

The Nug Nation have an interview with Nappy Roots, who stopped by the studio to be interviewed – in the bathroom, no less – by Bong Burgundy, the fictional TV personality and news anchor.

The stinky (and possibly offensive) interview was released on April 12 in The Nug Nation spin-off Potty Talk with Bong Burgundy, in what Bong describes as “the funniest interview I’ve ever done,” but he would say that.

In the interview (in which each member of the group was transformed into “Nugs” that are characters made of weed for the stop-motion animated series), Nappy Roots discuss their latest album (the appropriately titled Another 40 Akerz), phone sex, body hair, big booties, poetry and other shit.

For his part, member Skinny Deville enjoyed the encounter, saying that it was,

One of the coolest things I’ve been a part of in a while, as being in the pretty cool studio in Denver to see the “nugs” from previous shows and the sets was amazing.

Bong was cool as a fan and the whole Nug Nation team invited us to smoke a doobie on the roof of their studio to celebrate the newfound friendship.

But it wasn’t just Nappy Roots who were happy, as the show’s co-creator, Mikey Peterson, was just as elated with the collaboration, going on to say that he also sees an emerging pattern of interest from members of the entertainment industry.

Getting to work with the guys from Nappy Roots was an epic and memorable experience.

We’ve gotten calls from other artists who want to be part of The Nug Nation series and we welcome it with open arms.

That’s not all, though, as Skinny Deville also said to stay tuned for more Potty Talk episodes in the near future.

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