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10 Things You’ve Definitly Put Off Doing Because You Were High

From struggling to submit last minute assignments to letting the dishes pile up, you’ve definitely put these things off doing when you were high.

For the most part, smoking the herb gives you the drive you need to handle your business. But every now and again, it can make you want to do everything but what you should be doing. Maybe it’s because you took one puff too many. Or, the high is so excellent that you’d rather not waste it. Regardless of the excuse, let’s be real, we pot smokers can be quite the procrastinators. From struggling to submit last minute assignments to letting the dishes pile up in the sink, here are 10 things you’ve definitely put off doing when you were high.

1. Re-upping on your stash

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You knew you were down to your last little bud. But what did you do? You smoked it before getting more, of course, which meant no more seshes until you either got a hold of your dealer or carried your tail to the dispensary.

2. Chilling with a friend

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Sit at home all stoney pants or go hang out with so and so because you already said you would? Yeah, we’ll go with the first option. You didn’t really want to go anyways.

3. Grocery shopping

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One does not simply go to Walmart or Kroger to stock up on food within a reasonable time frame, especially if they’re baked and have the munchies. From trying to choose between Oreos and Chips Ahoy to avoiding that dude from high school with the motor mouth, it’s all way too much when you’re high.

4. Cleaning

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Sweeping? Nope, not happening. Laundry? Nah. Dishes? That’s a definite no. If it’s even remotely close to being a chore, then it can wait.

5. Making an urgent phone call

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Trying to sound like a normal person on the phone is hard enough while sober. But when you’re high, it becomes ten times more difficult. Not to mention, awkward.

6. Going to bed early to prep for work the next day

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You swore midnight was your cut off time. Then you got high and well, all of a sudden it was 3:00 in the morning. Meanwhile, work is in four hours, and you’re over there debating on lighting up another J.

7. Paying a bill so that you could smoke the devil’s lettuce

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It boils down to two choices, buy more pot and be a day late on a bill or go ahead and pay it and wait an entire 24 hours to smoke again when you get paid. You? Wait to smoke? Never! Weed wins.

8. Responding to a text

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Not that you have to reply to a text, but it is the polite thing to do. However, after you get done blazing, you don’t always worry about who is hitting you up. There are more important things to do, like binge watch YouTube videos. Ok, enough excuses, you just forgot, and that’s that.

9. Getting up to grab the remote

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Have you ever willingly let something play on TV that you wouldn’t typically watch just so that you didn’t have to reach for the remote? If so, it’s because the ganja had you stuck.

10. Working out

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That’s not to say stoners are lazy, but you like everyone else have your days. And on those days, when you get stoned to the bone, you’re the dude on the couch. But it’s all good; you’ll just work out tomorrow, right?

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