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Culture | 03.08.2023

Puffco Launches Their Proxy Desert Collection, Devices & Accessories That’ll Make You Sweat

Besides the warm Proxy Desert Collection, check out Puffco's newest device, the Proxy Droplet.

You might be familiar with the Puffco Proxy, a cutting-edge modular vaporizer that was only available in black until recently.

Puffco heard your feedback and responded with a sleek, warm, and neutral-toned rendition of their Proxy products, including the following:

  • Proxy Desert
  • Proxy Desert Bubbler
  • Proxy Desert Ball Cap
  • Proxy Desert Travel Pack

Ready to hit the blazing desert? Read on to learn more about Puffco’s Proxy Desert Collection and another new release, the Puffco Proxy Droplet.

Puffco Proxy Desert Collection

Photo By Puffco

Proxy Desert Kit: It doesn’t get much better than the soft neutral tones and sleek design of the Proxy Desert, which you can get with all of its needed accessories in Puffco’s Proxy Desert Kit. The kit comes equipped with everything you’ll need to care for and use the Proxy Desert modular vaporizer, including the following:

  • Carrying Case
  • Base
  • Glass Piece
  • 3D Chamber
  • Cable
  • Loading Tool
  • Dual Tool

This ergonomic glass piece has a removable base that lets you explore other Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass whenever you want to upgrade. Experience the cutting-edge 3D chamber in action along with the Proxy’s four precise heated temperatures for maximum flavor and vapor production.

Proxy Desert Bubbler: The Proxy Desert Bubbler brings water filtration to the Proxy experience. It’s a separate piece with built-in percolated water filtration for smoother and cooler hits. This bubbler was made from durable hand-blown borosilicate glass.

Proxy Desert Ball Cap: For maximum vapor control and 360-degree directional airflow, check out Puffco’s Proxy Desert Ball Cap. It was designed to let you move oil around the chamber for even heating and dense vapor production.

Proxy Desert Travel Pack: Need to hit the road? No problem. Puffco’s Proxy Desert Travel Pack comes equipped with the necessities for outstanding sessions on the go. Puffco made it easier than ever to sesh anywhere you want, as this kit comes complete with the following:

  • Silicone Backpack: For mobile storage
  • Proxy Ball Cap: Helps promote directional airflow for more consistent draws
  • Proxy Carb Cap and Tether: Keeps the Oculus carb cap and oil secure in one place
  • Mouthpiece: An easily cleanable mouthpiece for extra protection and easy sharing

Honorable Mention: The Puffco Proxy Droplet

Besides the impressive Proxy Desert Collection, Puffco recently launched its Proxy Droplet, a premium percolated water filtration device designed for the Puffco Proxy. With an elongated shape and elegant design, the Droplet was designed to hold the Proxy base to deliver cool, smooth, and powerful draws.

It features beautiful hand-blown borosilicate glass with an ocean-blue drop inside a gradient-frosted body. Whether in the palm of your hand on sitting on a side table, the Puffco Proxy Droplet is one hell of a piece to show off.

About Puffco

When you’re looking for sleek, trendy, and stylish vaporizers, Puffco is your best bet. They’re the proud makers of one of the industry’s finest vaporizers, the unique Puffco Peak. Everything from the contemporary design to the outstanding quality of Puffco’s devices has put them on top.

Their products are equally as reliable as they are beautiful, and in today’s modern cannabis industry, efficacy and beauty have become a priority. Puffco prides itself on maintaining the integrity of herbal products, meaning their devices were designed to give you a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t quite understand until trying them.

For more products and information about Puffco, visit their website at

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