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The Best Rap Songs About Weed, Blunts, Bongs, And Getting Faded

Rap's rise, like cannabis's, appears to be synonymous.

Rap music has played a significant part in developing cannabis culture. The music has had an indisputable impact on mobilizing public opinion and challenging government policies and prejudice. 

Rap functioned as a tool for members of the cannabis culture. They have been able to communicate with one another and convey information to the masses, through music, long before the Internet became a household utility. 

Let’s take a small trip. We’ll be taking a look at how cannabis and rap have influenced each other and some of the most prolific and famous rap songs about the flower we all adore. 

How Have Rap Music And Cannabis Culture Influenced Each Other?

People who have listened to rap over the years know what we’re talking about. Most of the rap business and industry has been heavily influenced by substances, whether it’s weed, alcohol, cocaine, or others. 

Weed is amongst the most common substances that rappers preach or talk about. Rap songs over the years have made up and absorbed terms or phrases that relate to and feed cannabis culture. 

There are phrases and terms from many parts of the world that have incorporated the vernacular into their own lexicon. In the long term, this contributed to the development of cannabis culture into what it is today. That is a movement of people capable of connecting through many easily accessible forms of expression, notably music.

While rap has produced some truly famous songs, it has also produced some of the most prolific cannabis fans. Rap and weed go hand in hand! Many rappers have used their platform to elevate cannabis from a counterculture phenomenon to the mainstream phenomenon that it is today.

The Best Rap Songs About Weed

KK - Wiz Khalifa

‘KK’ refers to Khalifa’s signature strain, Khalifa Kush. It’s a great song and an example of cannabis culture’s new, evolving era, which manages to keep in tune with both previous eras and the new, emerging landscape.

Wiz Khalifa has established himself as the contemporary face of cannabis culture. The music, character, and image of the prolific rapper encompass everything that cannabis culture represents today. 

Pack The Pipe - The Pharcyde

A$AP Rocky’s track ‘Purple Swag’ launched the Brooklyn rapper and his posse’s career. The song was such a success for its hypnotizing beat, catchy lyrics, and visually pleasing music video, that it resonated with listeners as being the ode to end all odes in honor of purple kush.

Get High - Danny Brown

Danny Brown has one of the most unique voices in music in recent memory. ‘Get High,’ off his most recent album, Atrocity Exhibition, is stunningly simple. It wraps pot’s amazing healing properties in many fictional tongue-in-cheek scenarios about life taking a turn for the worst while emphasizing that no matter how awful life can go, weed can be the saving grace.


Hits From The Bong - Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill may have written the most rap songs about marijuana of any artist in history. ‘Hits From The Bong,’ another excellent piece that’s equal parts psychedelic and joyful, is no exception. 

The lyrics emphasize the brilliance and efficacy of smoking from a bong. As far as pot rap songs go, this is a good example of how a weed anthem should sound.

Crumblin’ Erb - OutKast

‘Crumblin’ Erb,’ like Danny Brown’s ‘Get High,’ emphasizes how cannabis may help the soul in times of adversity. And oh my g’ does weed do the body and soul some good. 

OutKast’s debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, features a rap classic that focuses on the environment and times that Big Boi and Andre 3000 were accustomed to. The duo raps back and forth about the trouble in the world and how sticky deliciousness can bring order to the chaos.

Blueberry Yum-Yum - Ludacris

Ludacris’ ‘’Blueberry Yum-Yum’’ from the album ’’The Red Light District’’ comes from the cannabis strain of the same name. Ludacris’ song pays homage to everything that keeps life’s parties going: sticky cannabis, rolling blunts, and getting lit.

But it does not end there. ‘Blueberry Yum Yum,’ like the Hybrid strain itself, has all of the required ingredients for a certified rap banger. It shouts: sit back, vibe, and let your mind drift, but it is stimulating enough to keep you focused and amped for the ongoing party.

Roll My Weed - Vic Mensa

American rapper Vic Mensa has heavy-hitting lyrics and inspirational lines that go well with a funky and fresh beat. ’’Roll My Weed’’ is a song about rolling and forgetting about everything else, all the issues, and all the problems that go away after smoking. Stop thinking about stuff too much and get high, but as Mensa says, ‘’don’t get too high.” 

Smoke Break - Chance The Rapper

Rap lyrics about marijuana are popular among cannabis users because they emphasize the similarities and shared experiences that come with using the drug. That’s why Chance the Rapper’s ‘Smoke Break’ is so popular.

This song gained a lot of critical acclaim with a new generation of hip-hop fans and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Lyrics like “We just smoked a bowl, we don’t have no time to roll” unite herb enthusiasts everywhere.

Purple Swag - A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky’s track ‘Purple Swag’ launched the Brooklyn rapper and his posse’s career. The song was such a success for its hypnotizing beat, catchy lyrics, and visually pleasing music video, that it resonated with listeners as being the ode to end all odes in honor of purple kush.

How To Smoke A Blunt - Redman

‘How to Roll a Blunt,’ by Redman, is the best song about blunts ever written. Not only does he show us how to roll a blunt, but he also gives us the snark that has made Redman a mainstay of the genre and culture.

The song is off the rapper’s debut full-length album. Given the song’s 1992 publication, it was crucial in providing individuals with a procedure for their blunt rolling pursuits, including where to get a Phillie. Who doesn’t enjoy education?

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