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culture | 01.01.2022

What Happens When A Republican, A Democrat, And An Independent Smoke Weed Together?

The title could lead to a punch line, or a punch being thrown, but you can be sure that the latest episode of “Strange Buds” series will be interesting.

The title could lead to a punch line, or a punch being thrown, but you can be sure that the latest episode of Cut’s “Strange Buds” series is going to be interesting.

Political correctness…

In this episode of Cut’s Strange Buds series, a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent sit down to smoke weed and talk politics, which some people would consider to not be all that chill. Just as you’d expect when it comes to politics, the video has barely started when the video cuts to a debate, but what did you expect?

The three guests are Shakira, who identifies as a Democrat, Anthony, who’s an Independent, and Chelsea, who’s the Republican. Out of the three, who do you think has smoked weed? Leave your preconceived notions at the door, as all three answer “yes,” “yes” and “yes.”

The next question: do they talk about politics? In this case, yes. But, normally, Chelsea – the resident Republican – doesn’t talk about it with people she doesn’t know, because “a lot of people get offended with politics.” Why do people get offended? “You tell me,” says Chelsea. From there, things kick off.

While the Republican and Democrat talk about the state of the nation, and what the president is doing, Anthony does the right thing and lights the joint. After all, this is about smoking, right?

Five minutes later, after everyone has smoked, the conversation keeps going. Anthony reckons that the country has “intensified the negativity,” which Chelsea sees as a byproduct of social media. Shakira asks Chelsea, if she thinks it’s just that, and “not the guy who’s running the country.” The Republican doesn’t agree entirely, saying it is “a factor.”

That leads right into the president’s favorite subject, outside of himself, which is “fake news.” It is something that Chelsea thinks is also a factor. Another question asked by Chelsea is if she wants to keep smoking or not. Of course, she does, because this video wouldn’t work, otherwise, nor would it be as entertaining as it is.

Ten minutes after that, things seem to be a bit more chill, which is when the bong comes out. Anthony, the first to smoke the joint and the bong, takes a big hit and is then ready to talk politics.

Now, light up a joint, and sit down and watch this video.

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