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RIFF: A Team Of Dedicated Herbivores With A Passion For High-Potency Products

RIFF is back with four new and potent strains to rock your world.

Calling Canadian cannabis lovers, what are you smoking? As the second country worldwide to legalize recreational cannabis, we expect nothing but the best.

Whether you’re in Ontario or the breezy west coast, RIFF just launched four new strains that will surely grab your attention. These strains trump the competition with potent effects and mouthwatering flavors that will take every session to new heights.

Learn more about RIFF and their newest strain additions below.

About RIFF

Whenever you see the iconic RIFF logo, there will always be something for you. The brand is all about elevating the cannabis experience for seasoned cannabis consumers who tend to know exactly what they want in a product. At RIFF, they’re happy to supply you with it.

When it comes to the brand’s unique strain selection, RIFF’s flower features rare genetics with higher potencies. After all, the team behind the brand has an eye for high-potency products. If you consider yourself a dedicated herbivore, RIFF is for you.

New Strain Additions

If you’ve ever shopped RIFF before, you’d know their product selection is impressive. Whether you’re searching for reliable 510 batteries or the finest flower in the country, RIFF has you covered.

Herb’s own Account Executive Andrew Nguyen attended RIFF’s celebratory dinner event honoring the brand’s newest strain additions. Here’s what to expect from these potent cultivars.

Ontario Strains

Ontarians are in for a treat. RIFF just launched two new strains in the Ontario market:

  • Crossfade Melonaide (Sativa)
  • Orbital Cherry Moon Pie (Indica)

Crossfade Melonaide is a powerful and cerebral Sativa that buzzes the mind and body with 22-28% THC. It’s a limited-edition strain that’s bursting with flavors like citrus, melon, and spice. These expertly-picked buds cross unique strains like Watermelon Zkittles and Lemon Tree. Be sure to get it before it’s gone.

Orbital Cherry Moon Pie will take you to new, euphoric worlds with 22-28% THC and its fresh, flavorful, and aromatic traits. It’s a potent Indica strain that crosses Cherry Pie and Bubba Kush, bursting with aromas like cherry, peach, and skunk. This strain is also a limited edition cultivar, so get it while you can.

West Coast Strains

RIFF’s newest west coast strains are just as impressive.

  • Crossfade Juicy Fruit
  • Orbital Purple Cotton Candy

Crossfade Juicy Fruit has a unique name that perfectly reflects its experience. Sitting at 22-28% THC, this loud and proud Sativa is bursting with plum and tangy pineapple aromas, crossing classic strains like Afghani and Thai. The bold aromas and rich flavors are a treat, and the accompanying buzzy high will take you out of this world.

Orbital Purple Cotton Candy is a zen and relaxing strain that crosses Grand Daddy Purps and Cotton Candy Kush. This fresh and expertly-picked cultivar emits lovely grape, lavender, and skunk aromas that you simply can’t find elsewhere. It’s a powerful Indica strain that’s only available for a limited time. Get yours while it’s still on the shelves.

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