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culture | 01.01.2022

HERB Announces Launch Of New Cannabis Video Series: Smoke Sessions

Smoke Sessions features a unique format; a group of strangers is brought together to consume cannabis and engage in conversation and activities.

TORONTO, ON/LOS ANGELES, CA – August 02, 2017 – HERB, the world’s largest cannabis media platform, is pleased to announce the launch of its weekly video series, Smoke Sessions, which showcases a mix of vibrant personalities, unique stories, and educational cannabis content.

HERB is renowned for creating the most engaging content in the cannabis industry, and this series is no different, with the first two episodes garnering more than one million views on Facebook each in the first 48 hours.

Created for global markets, Smoke Sessions features a unique format; a group of strangers is brought together to consume cannabis and engage in conversation and activities. Zach Zaza and Adam Griffith, producers at HERB Studios, interview guests on the segment and lead the conversation.

Smoke Sessions is a series that has the potential to change the public’s perception of cannabis and the people who consume it. Each video features a dynamic panel of guests who represent the ever-evolving demographic of cannabis consumers. – Matt Gray, CEO of HERB

While the series is a new concept, HERB is no stranger to video virality. HERB’s Facebook page, with 8.7 million followers, garners more than 210 million video views per month— engagement that is unrivaled by competing cannabis media.

To kick off the series, the first episode of Smoke Sessions focuses on three women who are medical cannabis patients but come from diverse backgrounds that led them to cannabis. With ailments ranging from substance abuse to fibromyalgia, they discuss several topics including mental health, cannabis as medicine, the opioid crisis, health care and Big Pharma. Many people suffering from similar problems aren’t aware that cannabis is an option – this episode of Smoke Sessions looks to change that.

Cannabis has a reputation of enabling people to both think introspectively and connect with others. Cannabis is extremely misunderstood in our society, but what you see with Smoke Sessions is strangers becoming friends. This video series will smash the misconceptions about cannabis through real people exploring significant issues. – Gray

You can view the video through the links below:

The second episode of Smoke Sessions takes a political turn, where three women discuss the impact that the Trump administration has on them personally and on the nation as a whole. Two of the women are frequent cannabis consumers, while one has only tried the plant once before. Together, they consume cannabis and discuss topics including Donald Trump, politics, feminism, and LGBTQ+ rights. You can view the video through the links below:

In the coming weeks, two additional Smoke Sessions episodes will be released – one in which Millennials smoke cannabis and discuss their parents, and the other where parents smoke cannabis and discuss their children. In the first episode, Millennials will discuss topics including the stigma around cannabis, alcohol, and cannabis, social media, and why they consume cannabis.

The second episode features parents discussing cigarettes, the stigma of cannabis, and the challenges of parenting. These episodes will soon be available to view on HERB’s Facebook and YouTube channels. Future episodes are slated to cover cannabis patients with PTSD, ex-couples, grandparents, teachers, police officers and more, while casting is underway for future seasons.

Individuals interested in participating in the series can reach out for additional information at video@herb.co For more information, you can visit Herb.co, as well as Herb’s channels on Facebook and YouTube.

About HERB

HERB is a reliable global cannabis media company that produces and distributes original news, entertainment and video. Established in 2016, HERB connects cannabis consumers and businesses through trustworthy content while enabling visitors to find curated strain recommendation, local dispensaries, and products.  HERB’s mission is to educate, influence, and represent the cannabis community at large. With more than 5.3 million unique monthly visitors and 2 billion organic video views annually, HERB is the most engaged cannabis media site in the world.

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