Culture | 10.13.2020

Smoke Dza and The Smoker’s Club Host the WorldWide Smoke Session

The Smokers Club just released their new music video, Up Jump, and there couldn’t be a better video to watch and listen to while high.

The Smokers Club just released their new music video, Up Jump, and it couldn’t be more enjoyable to watch and listen to high, so roll up a joint and pull up a seat.

This recent Smokers Club video—which can only be described as a four-and-a-half minute visual acid trip—is an  inception of stoned, trippy video watching. The viewer (likely stoned) will watch a technicolored visual depicting three (obviously stoned) friends sitting on a couch, who are also watching trippy visuals unfold on their own TV. The sporadic, loud, and at times almost overwhelming visuals contrast with the rappers’ smooth cadence and calculated flow.

Up Jump is a collaboration between artists Smoke DZA, Domo Genesis, and Jayy Grams, which was aptly released on 4/20 as part of the Smoker’s Club’s new project, the Smoke DZA Worldwide Smoke Session. Smoke DZA, the leading artist on the track and Harlem native, is signed with the record label Cinematic Music Group. His music has garnered praise from some of hip-hop’s most legendary figures, like Nas. DZA is also one of the originators of The Smokers Club brand.

The Smokers Club, a cannabis lifestyle brand based out of New York City, offer everything from street apparel to cannabis accessories like rolling trays and stash jars. They also offer entertaining content such as Sparkin Convos, a video series which combines comedy with the exploration of real questions at the heart of the cannabis community like “with legal cannabis dispensaries taking over our streets, where do our dealers go?” The Smokers Club also makes carefully curated playlists for the cannabis community, which you can listen to on Spotify (preferably when you’re rolling up)

Up Jump is just the latest project following a series of recent Cinematic Music Group hits, including “Praying For My Soul”, a Smoke DZA single featuring Flipp Dinero, or “Wholesale,” another hit by the same duo.

Watch the video here, and prepare to be mesmerized.

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