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culture | 01.01.2022

Snoop Dogg’s New Ashtray Looks Like Donald Trump

He calls it his “ash trash.”

Snoop Dogg has taken shots at President Donald Trump, once again, through an Instagram post. The rapper’s reputation as one of the most vocal celebrities to express contempt for the sitting president continues with…his new ashtray. 

The Doggfather is seen flaunting a ceramic Donald Trump ashtray, blackened with ash from joints and blunts, most likely. Snoop deemed the Donald Trump ashtray his “new ash trash.”

Snoop Dogg is incredibly active on Instagram, usually sharing an average of twenty posts per day. Expressing hatred and distrust towards Trump has become a daily ritual for the 47-year-old rapper, and something his massive Instagram following is used to.

Another noteworthy example of Snoop’s contempt for the president happened last October when Snoop Dogg took his anger for the president all the way to the White House.

While on tour for his semi-biographical musical, Redemption of a Dogg, Snoop Dogg managed to find some free time in Washington, D.C. to visit the president and give him a piece of his mind.

In a five-part video series on the rapper’s Instagram, Snoop makes his way to Lafayette Square to smoke a blunt and say “Fuck the President.”

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Photo courtesy of C2 Montreal via Facebook

Though cannabis is legal for consumption in the District of Colombia, it is illegal to smoke cannabis in public, which might give some context as to why Snoop would protest President Trump by doing something that involves cannabis and breaking the law.

Last month, Snoop Dogg was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame–a monumental success for the esteemed influencer.

Quite the opposite happened for Donald Trump, where, back in June, a young man vandalized the president’s honorarium with a pickaxe to make a political statement.

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