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culture | 12.02.2019

This Lucky Spider Caught A Joint In It’s Web

It’s not every day that spiders get ahold of some herb. Watch this little guy spin an entire joint in his web.

We see spiders capture all sorts of insects. No matter the size, these creatures with eight legs can take down just about anything in their way. However, it’s not every day that spiders get ahold of some herb. In fact, this spider caught an entire joint. Check out the video below to watch the little guy spin it in his web.


Have you ever tossed your joint and wondered where it went? As it turns out, spiders may be benefiting from our leftover smoke.

In this video by ViralHog, you can see the spider spinning around the joint in its web. Although we know who got the leftovers, we aren’t sure who threw it out in the first place.

In fact, the person filming says hardly anything the entire time. In fact, the only thing the guy says is, “F*cking spider, something-something-something.”

Perhaps watching the spider spin the joint was intriguing?

Or, maybe he smoked some super loud weed. On the other hand, the person probably didn’t know what to say at all. After all, finding a joint in a spider web isn’t exactly something you see often.

Although we aren’t sure if the spider got high, it’s safe to say he hit the jackpot that day. In fact, I think the guy filming did too. Clearly, he took the time to record it, so he was obviously loving the view.

Most people would knock that spider right off its web and take that joint back. Not this guy, though. He was far too into the
action to do much of anything. Be sure to check out the video below to watch the spider enjoying his catch of the day.

What’s the strangest animal you’ve caught with weed? Would you take the joint back? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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