Culture | 01.03.2023

Start Your New Year With These 5 Strains

It's almost 2023. Here are 5 strains to help start your year with a bang.

2022 has been a journey. Not only did President Biden pardon all federal offenses of simple marijuana possession, but he ordered an official review of how cannabis is scheduled at a federal level. 

Will our favorite plant be removed as a Schedule I controlled substance? We can only hope. Until then, Canadians and legalized states are leading by example while showcasing the benefits of legalization not just for society but for the economy. 

If you reside in a weed-friendly region, we’ll help you start your year with a bang. Say hello to 2023 with the 5 strains below. 

Pink Champagne

You don’t always have to drink champagne on new year’s eve. Why not smoke it? Pink Champagne is a hybrid strain with 22% THC, crossing popular strains like Grandaddy Purple and Cherry Pie.

It’s a relatively potent strain, especially for beginners. The grape and berry flavors make it a pleasure to smoke, and it’s a great socializer to keep your mood lifted until the clock strikes twelve.

Purple Panty Dropper

Hoping to get lucky this new year’s eve? Purple Panty Dropper can lend a helping hand. This potent strain sits at 22% THC and is a three-way cross between Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist.

This strain is praised for its deep purple tones and superb trichomes, not to mention its alleged aphrodisiac effects. Purple Panty Dropper is an Indica-dominant hybrid that unleashes perfect amounts of bodily relaxation and cerebral stimulation for steamy between-the-sheets pleasure.

8 Ball Kush

Whether you’re playing pool or getting ready to watch the ball drop, 8 Ball Kush is another top-tier choice this new year’s eve. 8 Ball Kush is a pure Indica strain, so be prepared to liftoff into a euphoric high and plunk down on a comfy couch.

This strain sits at 22% THC and comes from an Afghani landrace strain. The earthy and spicy aroma will leave your mouth watering for a taste, and the overall flavor profile is a woody, earthy sensation on the palette. Smoke it for a good time, whether at a gathering or taking new year’s eve solo.

Confetti Cake

What would new year’s be without confetti? Rather than bursting the confetti all over the room, inhale some Confetti Cake to celebrate 2023. This Indica-dominant hybrid features 21% THC and crosses Cherry Pie and Secret Cookies.

Confetti Cake is an upbeat strain, even though it’s more on the Indica end of the spectrum. It’s great for mood elevation, focus, and relieving stress. Whether you’re deep into a conversation at a new year’s eve party or watching the televised specials from your living room, Confetti Cake is here to help.


Why not start your new year’s day with some Pancakes? Instead of whipping them up in the kitchen, roll a joint with this sweet strain to start your day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Pancakes is a hybrid strain with a whopping 27% THC, and its flavor profile dances on the tongue with notes of butter and berries. The relaxing high paired with the mood-lifting effects is an excellent way to leap into 2023.

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