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Culture | 09.30.2022

Tetra, The California-Based High-Design Brand For Aesthetically Minded People

Want a level-up from your regular pipe or lighter? Look to Tetra.

Traditional pipes and smoking accessories don’t seem to cut it anymore.

Why would you drop a significant amount of cash on a regular-looking bong when you can put that money towards something you can be ten times more proud of?

If you look for aesthetics just as much as functionality, Tetra is your saving grace. Never will you ever struggle to find pieces you can resonate with, thanks to the brand’s high-design, chic, and contemporary spins on average smoking objects and accessories.

In a sea of mediocre goods, Tetra is making itself known through pure innovation and a profound understanding that many consumers cherish aesthetics just as much as functionality.

About Tetra

The retail shop and modern accessories brand launched in 2015 with a goal to speak to aesthetically minded people.

Not only was this quickly accomplished, but Tetra managed to remind consumers that cannabis consumption is an opportunity to sit down, relax, and be present. It’s a chance to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy good company and conversation.

The brand was inspired by the works of mid-century period design luminaries like:

  • Dieter Rams
  • Marianne Brandt
  • Enzo Mari

These three designers and their unique smoking accessories paved the way for brands like Tetra to revive the tradition of usefulness meets beauty with a modern spin.

At Tetra, you can find neat accessories and objects like:

  • Pipes
  • Ashtrays
  • Storage Jars
  • Lighters
  • Fragrances
  • Unique Vintage Finds

Want to get a better look at some of Tetra’s products? We’ve included some of our favorite smoking objects from the brand below. See which one will spark your interest to spark up.

Glass Tanjun Pipe ($48)

Handmade in Vancouver, BC., this pipe offers a unique staircase shape made of smooth and cool borosilicate glass. Tanjun, which translates to “simplicity” in Japanese, is the perfect word for this aesthetically pleasing and modern smoking medium. The company suggests using a .375 mesh screen for a cleaner experience.

Blue Sky Lighter $45

Made by Tsubota Pearl in Japan, the Blue Sky Lighter is created with a hand-lacquering technique and finished with a bright and hazy cloud pattern. The lighter has a polycarbonate casing, steel interior, and cotton wick. “Fill with Zippo or Zippo-style lighter fluid, NOT butane,” reads the description.

Mexican Cast-Glass Ashtray ($45)

Made in Mexico, this small and heavy ashtray holds a modern triangular shape and is cast in solid smokey glass. Its green tint with a textured surface and visible bubbles may seem fragile, but the ashtray is sturdy and durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.

Cache Jar ($25 & $35)

Designed by Henry Julier and Pete Oyler, these contemporary, airtight, and light-blocking storage jars are elegant enough to display on your shelves. While the purple and green jars use opaque glass, the blue is more transparent, giving each individual piece its own unique look. Plus, faint glass-blowing marks might be present because each jar is handmade individually.

Demi Pipe ($60)

Made by Philadelphia ceramist Kenni Field, Tetra’s Demi Pipe fits perfectly in the palm of your hand with its half-sphere shape. Additionally, it’s sturdy enough to stand upright on flat surfaces. The pipe also features a matte finish, an easy-to-clean glazed bowl, and the creator’s initials near the carb.

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