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The Crib Of Cannabis: A Look Inside The Houseplant House

Take a look at Houseplant's headquarters in the new episode of Architectural Digest "Open Door."

On the latest episode of Architectural Digest’s “Open Door,” viewers finally saw inside Seth Rogen’s “Houseplant” crib.

The ultimate canna crib and the headquarters of Houseplant and home goods company

Instead of taking AD for a tour inside the Houseplant office, which Rogen says “would be a boring tour for Architectural Digest.” 

The house is more of a space for the products to display in areas where consumers typically use them. 

Perhaps the most intriguing product from Houseplant is its three “Session” LP Box Sets, which come with three different vinyls dubbed “Indica Session,” “Sativa Session,” and “Hybrid Session.” All with songs carefully curated by Rogen and the Houseplant team.

“They’re actually fantastic mixes of music that do genuinely match the different types of weed,” Rogen says with a chuckle.

Beyond the music, Seth takes us through Houseplant’s many ashtrays, which come in the form of a functioning lamp, side table, glass ashtrays, and gloopy ashtrays – a limited and handmade collection from Seth himself.

Rogen expressed that ashtray ingenuity began falling off once cigarette smokers realized their health was at stake, but with cannabis use becoming more acceptable and widespread, “ashtray ingenuity is on the rise once again,” he says.

Photo courtesy of Houseplant

When gesturing to the Block Table lighter, Rogen sparked it up and explained, “This is one of the first things we made, it was a very simple lighter ashtray combo.

Beyoncé took a picture with this; it was a very thrilling moment for all of us at Houseplant,” unleashing that iconic Seth Rogen laugh.

Rogen let us into his creative process behind the lamp ashtray. It was a very “intuitive” product, Rogen says, “For years and years, I would look at an ashtray and a lamp sitting on my desk side by side. Two different things, and we thought, what if it was one thing?”

Making sure each product works and functions to his standards, Rogen says he takes every product home with him and uses them “to death.”

Photo courtesy of Houseplant

Funny enough, as we head into the living room space, Rogen explains how the two green chairs were actually taken from the set of his 2013 film “This Is The End.” 

“I stole a lot of furniture from the set of that movie and shipped it from New Orleans back to Los Angeles and furnished our office and homes with it,” he says with a giggle. 

The new AD “Open Door” episode with Seth Rogen’s Houseplant house might prompt an upcoming splurge. 

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