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Culture | 12.01.2021

Tove Lo To Launch New Cannabis-Infused Beverage

She's gotta "Stay High."

The latest celebrity to enter the cannabis industry is Swedish pop star Tove Lo, who recently partnered with the celebrity-backed maker of cannabis-infused beverages, Cann.

The new partnership will launch a caffeinated cannabis beverage made with the popular Latin American plant called yerba mate. The drink is dubbed Passion Peach Mate and was funded by Tove Lo, Cann, Sweet Flower, and Airfield Supply Co.

Tove felt inspired to create the beverage after the growing popularity of vodka and yerba mate beverages that took the Berlin club scene by storm. Passion Peach Mate offers a sweet peachy taste alongside an energetic and uplifting sensation thanks to the effects of both yerba mate and the small THC content.

In an interview with Benzinga, Tove mentioned the many conversations with her creative director and Cann’s creative team surrounding “favorite fruits, level of high,” and how the product could align with Tove Lo’s brand but also be “bizarre and distinctly me.”

Photo by CANN

Tove wanted to use fruits that “you can make playful and sexy,” and they landed on the idea of peach and passion fruit as the top picks. However, Tove added that Cann’s creative team came up with the idea to add yerba mate. She thought it was a solid idea to add a twist to “the usual cannabis products out there.”

The entire beverage campaign is based on the themes of “flirty, sexy, delicious, and weird,” added the pop star. The move to create a cannabis-infused beverage wasn’t a surprise for Tove Lo fans, seeing that cannabis has been there for her “in good times and bad,” she adds.

Although she doesn’t smoke much anymore after undergoing vocal chord surgery, she thought a beverage would be the perfect way to get high without hurting or damaging her voice. Tove explained why she prefers cannabis beverages over alcohol, saying that there’s no hangover involved, she doesn’t “lose control as easily.” Although not everyone has the same experience, cannabis works better for her.

Photo by CANN

This isn’t just about her love for the plant, but Tove wanted to help shed light on the many injustices surrounding cannabis. She added that although cannabis is still illegal in many places, “personal [cannabis] use or possession is not something to go to jail for.”

Since living in the United States, Tove has realized how minority communities have been “targeted” and imprisoned for non-violent cannabis crimes. She is another firm believer that “releasing those people and forgiving their cannabis-related crimes is the right thing to do.”

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