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Culture | 01.26.2023

Vibes Papers: Crafted In France For Connoisseurs, By Connoisseurs

Berner's brand Vibes provides premium rolling papers you can rely on every session.

Rolling papers are a hit or miss. They’re either too thick and difficult to work with or burn way too fast. Sometimes, it’s all three. You deserve rolling papers you can depend on for each session, no matter the time or place. 

While there are a few trustworthy brands out there, there are no better papers than Vibes Papers, brought to you by the rapper and serial entrepreneur Berner. His Vibes brand brings you the ultimate rolling papers, tips, cones, pre-rolls, and accessories to make each session enjoyable, effortless, and complete. 

We know connoisseurs are only looking for premium quality, top-shelf papers for their joints. After all, papers are the foundation of your joint and can either make or break a session. See below for more information about Vibes Papers and their connoisseur-certified offerings.

About Vibes Papers

If you know anything about the modern cannabis industry, you’ve likely heard of Cookies, America’s first legal weed empire. The brand was brought to you by different movers and shakers dedicated to premium cannabis, like the rapper, influencer, and entrepreneur Berner. 

His latest collaboration, Vibes, comprises a collection of premium rolling papers that connoisseurs can depend on for slow-burning, easy-rolling, and effortless puffing. The papers are crafted in France and cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic. Vibes is putting a whole new meaning to world-class rolling papers. 

They’re available in various sizes and blends, like hemp, organic hemp, rice, or ultra-thin. Regardless of which option you choose, expect the highest-quality rolling papers that preserve the purity and potency of your flower. If they’re good enough for Berner, they’re good enough for you.

What's Your Vibe?

Vibes Papers has an impressive list of collaborations, including:

  • Keith Haring
  • Cookies
  • Lemonnade
  • The Smoker’s Club
  • Luc Belaire
  • Gas House
  • Kaya Herb House

Browse these impressive collaborations or opt for the classics, like the Vibes Papers Box – King Size Slim With Tips. Available in hemp, rice, ultra-thin, and organic hemp, this rolling paper box comes with 24 rolling booklets and 33 papers + tips per booklet. That’s 792 premium quality rolling papers and tips for long-lasting, slow-burning sessions. 

You’ll be well-stocked for months, maybe even years. By pairing rolling papers with the brand’s praised tips, you’ll have everything you need to roll like a connoisseur. 

Vibes also offers separate booklets, cones, tips, accessories, apparel, and empty pre-rolls dubbed The Cali. Available in 1-gram, 2-gram, and 3-gram options, The Cali pre-rolls mimic Berner’s signature rolling style with a cylinder pre-roll tube, a wide circumference for maximum airflow, easy inhales, and cloudy exhales. 

Bring out the best in your flower today. For more products and information about Vibes Papers, visit their website at

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