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Watch: Californians Tell Kimmel Why They Use Medical Marijuana

“The condition is children, jobs, life”, one woman responded when asked why she had a medical marijuana card.

Jimmy Kimmel had one of his reporters take to the streets to interview people, asking if they had medical marijuana cards, and if so, what for. The results? Humorous, but telling of the issues California is working towards fixing this year.

California medical use

California has been working towards a better medical marijuana program, as well as recreational legalization. The concern that many have had for loose medical laws is that recreational users will use lax screening to get the cheaper medical cannabis, clogging the medical dispensaries with “med-heads”, or fakers.

While the small selection of people interviewed in this funny segment is meant to garner laughs, the subject is serious. If this is what the country is shown when it comes to medical users, no wonder legalization is getting a snide chuckle.

“24 states have legalized medical marijuana, which means that our country is almost now officially half-baked”, Kimmel says in the introduction.

Why some people use medical marijuana

In the video, the pedestrians that answered that they indeed did have medical marijuana cards gave a wide range of answers as to why.

“The condition is children, jobs, life”, one woman responded.

The other answers were more representative of what makes people so leery of ‘medical’ use.

“Glaucoma, well suspect glaucoma,” one man from Georgia said. “It means that in the future, that I could have glaucoma.”

One man said he didn’t have a medical card, but his son did. When asked what his son had the card for, his answer was priceless.

“To buy his dad medical marijuana.”

Do you think that this video is edited to give a negative impression of medical users for the entertainment of an audience, or is it more accurate than we would like to admit? Voice your opinion on social media or in the comments below.

April 25, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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April 25, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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