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Culture | 12.16.2021

Who Are The Top Celebrity Cannabis Brands of 2021?

Which celebs made the biggest splash this year?

Out of all the launches, partnerships, and investments that took place in the cannabis industry in 2021, there was one launch of the year. According to Celeb Stoner, that was Houseplant’s move into California after seeing a slow start in Canada through Canopy Growth.

We first saw products like ashtrays and centerpiece lighters from Seth Rogen’s brand, but it later dropped flower and delivery orders for Southern California, which sparked the most sales from one company in 2021.

Because Rogen has always made his affinity with cannabis known through his many comedies and interviews, it was easy for him to generate such impressive revenue in less than one year. Although Houseplant had the best launch, the hottest celebrity cannabis brand was Berner’s Cookies.

Berner’s Cookies quickly expanded throughout California and Michigan with numerous stores while adding sought-after products like the notable Vibes Papers. We also saw pop stars like Pitbull and DJ Khaled make their way into the cannabis industry. Pitbull is affiliated with Columbia Care, and DJ Khaled’s grooming line is called Blesswell.

In addition, Lil Kim made her cannabis debut with Superbad. Other celebrities adjusted and reintroduced other companies. Drake began investing in Bullrider, Ricky Williams initiated his new company Highsman, and Mike Tyson launched Tyson 2.0. We also had Whoopi Goldberg’s comeback with Emma & Clyde.

Celeb Stoner says the most fun launch announcement was from South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, although we’re not too sure when we’ll start seeing Tegridy Farms’ weed in the next year.

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In more serious news, Xhbit’s Napalm line saw some backlash from Asian-Americans due to the line’s war imagery, but he says he’s working on changing the name and design. The Marley family came back when they launched functional mushrooms with Marley One.

With all the horrible news in 2021, activists thought it was the perfect time to band together and fight for justice. Original Jack Herer Brand and Robert Platshorn’s Black Tuna strain through Trulieve were this year’s top contenders.

Some other examples are Fab 5 Freddy, who helped shed light on B Noble, his brand with former prisoner Bernard Noble via Curaleaf, not to mention Weldon Angelos’ REEForm Prerolls, which raised money for individuals imprisoned for cannabis crimes.

This year saw the most donations to the Last Prison Project and other prison release groups with help from various big players. As we head into 2022, we should expect to see names like Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher invest in a new Los Angeles dispensary, and Patricia Arquette plans on opening a lounge in West Hollywood.

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