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culture | 01.29.2020

10 Things All Women Who Love Cannabis Can Relate To

From soothing period pain to letting our worries roll away, here are 10 things all women who love cannabis can relate to.

Marilyn Monroe once said diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But what she really meant to say was Mary Jane. Ok, maybe not. But either way, our love of cannabis grows daily. Feel the same? Check out these 10 things women who love cannabis can relate to.

1. You think about cannabis before coffee in the morning

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Some women prefer a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning but you know nothing beats a fresh hit of green.

2. The bottom of your purse is covered with shake

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Let’s be honest. If you were going to open your purse right now, there is a 99.9% chance you would have remnants of bud at the bottom.

3. Your piece collection is bigger than your shoe collection

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Having shoes is nice and all. But ladies who love herb pick pieces over painful heels any day.

4. You would take a bud bouquet over roses any day

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Some ladies love day lilies, some love dank. True cannabis lovers know a bud bouquet is the only way.

5. You have amazing orgasms

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Drunk sex is sloppy. High sex is amazing. End of story.

6. You actually plan for the munchies

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Seasoned smokers know that eventually, the munchies will hit. Therefore, you plan accordingly during your grocery trips.

7. You prefer cannabis over Tylenol for PMS

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Thanks to cannabis, you cruise through your period pain-free. Well, relatively pain-free. Oh, and high. That helps too.

8. You always have eye drops on hand

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The check out guy assumes you have dry eyes but we know the truth.

9. You’ve perfected the art of rolling

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It’s like riding a bike. Once you know how you never forget.

10. You regularly wake up hangover free

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Late night smoke sesh? No problem. Unlike that time you had one too many drinks at the bar, you wake up feeling totally fine. In fact, you feel great.

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