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Did You See The World’s Biggest Blunt Sparking Controversy…Again?

People were lighting up more than fireworks this weekend!

America celebrated it’s Independence Day again, with food, fun, alcohol, and fireworks. But expensive displays of pyrotechnics weren’t the only thing going up in smoke this 4th of July. Temple Terrace, Florida threw their annual parade, and for the second year in a row, the “World’s Biggest Blunt” was there. 

Back by popular demand

Float organizer Chris Cano is also the executive director of the Central Florida chapter of NORML. He said they were happy to be back by popular demand, and he was thrilled with the level or positive reception they received.

We filed all the paperwork, paid our fees. We are doing everything by the book. We want our message to be heard loud and clear. We want to be taken seriously.

He emphasized that the giant blunt billowing smoke as the float cruised along in the parade was about raising awareness of the medicine, helping destigmatize its image.

This is all about education, not pushing drugs on anyone’s kids. This is a legitimate medicine that we want to see doctors recommend to suffering patients.

Less than universal support

Of course, as if a blunt is shockingly worse than the alcohol widely ingested at these events, some parents were mightily offended at the sight. Ellen Snelling, chairman for the Hillsborough County Anti-drug alliance and mother of three was rather huffy, to say the least.

This should not be around children. The biggest problem I have is the blunt. That shouldn’t be at a family parade. They have free speech and can spread their message, but that blunt shouldn’t be there.

She was shocked when she heard the float would once again make an appearance.

To have that at a parade that is mainly families, and especially my children all the way to teenagers, it didn’t seem like the best venue.

An overzealous sense of propriety

Snelling started burning up the phone lines of the Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce. Mind you, she di the same thing last year. But the city cites free speech in defense of allowing the float. Cano, taken aback, wondered what she was smoking.

What we’re talking about here is saving lives. Why don’t they get that?

Free speech trumps righteous indignation at this festival of freedom.

Do you think that a blunt is racier than barely clad dancers and public alcohol consumption? Or do some people have a skewed sense of impropriety? Tell us what you think on social media or in the comments  below.

July 05, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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July 05, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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