World’s scariest drug makes cannabis policy look extra stupid. This is crazy!

A gram can kill 15 people. And if you survive, it makes you a slave to suggestion. Watch this VICE documentary on Scopolamine, the world’s scariest drug.

Jun 15, 2015 - HERB

A gram of Scopolamine looks just like a gram of cocaine. But unlike cocaine, a gram of Scopolamine can kill 15 people.

When it doesn’t kill you, it renders you completely unable to exercise your free will. Come to my hotel room? Yes. Withdraw all your funds from the ATM? Sure. Cut out your liver? No problem.

But it get’s better. You could be walking down the street in Colombia and if this diabolic white powder is blown in your face — bam — you’re high, and their slave.

Oh, also, the world’s scariest drug grows in the wild.

Whereas the debate continues on whether cannabis is largely medicinal or recreational, it is clear none of the above applies to Scopolamine. It’s application is entirely criminal. And we’re still battling marijuana fearmongers.

Watch this enthralling documentary by VICE and let us know if you think the world will end by the way of this terrifying substance. Because we’re pretty convinced it will.

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