Photo by Elysian Brewing

Culture | 05.16.2022

Would You Try Beer That Smells Like Weed?

Dank Dust does not contain THC or CBD, but it sure smells like it.

What’s your favorite thing about the cannabis plant?

Most of you will probably say the effects it provides. And that’s totally cool.

For others who’ve been smoking a little longer, your favorite part might be the potent and rich flavor from strain to strain.

Some would compare the cannabis experience to the renowned wine-tasting experience. So if you’re in it for the flavor and aroma, you definitely won’t want to miss this new beverage.

Brought to you by Elysian Brewing in Seattle, Dank Dust is the latest merger of two industries.

It’s nothing more than a hoppy beer that smells like a pungent weed strain. Often described as “the devil’s nectar,” Dank Dust contains a pretty strong ABV content, sitting at 8.2%.

Photo by Elysian Brewing

Although it emits a familiar cannabis aroma, the beer’s flavor profile offers a whole other experience. When first cracking open the can, Dank Dust offers aromas like;

  • Lush grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Orange
  • A herbal kick for earthy freshness

Simply put, Dank Dust is a hoppy alcoholic beverage that refreshes the palate with sweet fruits and a pungent cannabis spin.

Although it’s a beer, it’s not all that bitter, thanks to the lovely array of fruity flavors.

You might think that cannabis and beer wouldn’t pair well, but Dank Dust proves that wrong. It’s not that odd of a combination, considering weed and beer are nightlife staples. But who knew a two-in-one would be so tasty?

Plus, the product’s packaging is another trippy addition. You definitely won’t be tripping when sipping on Dank Dust. However, the animated blazed cannabis plant on the can would argue otherwise.

We must mention that Dank Dust contains no traces of THC, CBD, or anything cannabis-derived. The beverage was designed to complement a night out, so why not try it for your next pregame?

For more information and to shop Dank Dust, check out the product on Elysian Brewing’s website.

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