Photo courtesy of Space Coyote

News | 10.04.2021

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Companies Who Are Making A Difference

Do your part and purchase from sustainable and eco-friendly cannabis companies.

Space Coyote

Photo courtesy of Space Coyote

Space Coyote’s line of heady and potent weed is geared to give consumers a cosmic and euphoric experience. The brand has taken it upon themself to source and create low-impact joint tubes made of recycled aluminum to shine a light on sustainable practices.

Papa & Barkley

Photo courtesy of Papa & Barkley

Known as the industry’s first cannabis wellness brand, Papa & Barkley encourages us to “live clean” and use products with pure ingredients like their own. You can find Papa & Barkley’s CBD products on many dispensary counters, featuring patches, balms, tinctures, gummies, and more.

Aster Farms

Photo courtesy of Aster Farms

Aster Farms impressively provides a consumer-facing sustainability report that tracks all water, carbon, solid waste, and energy used on their farm. They grow their crops with live soil, which allows farmers to reuse dirt from other crops to reintroduce nutrients into their earth.

Stone Road

Photo courtesy of Stone Road

The company’s founder, Lex Corwin, also rolled the most expensive joint at $24,000 to raise funds for the African Wildlife Foundation. Corwin’s Stone Road offers hand-rolled joint packs and infused pre-rolls, all made with sun-grown flowers on a sustainable, biodynamic farm.


Photo courtesy of Pax

Vape sales are projected to outdo flowers and edibles sooner than later, leaving the environment filled with un-recyclable waste. Vaporizer maker PAX strives to avoid unnecessary disposables by creating multi-use devices and accessories to use over time. Their pod packaging is also fully recyclable and biodegradable.

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