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Big 5 Winners Round Up At The HT Concentrates Cup

Congratulations to the latest winners of one of the most prestigious awards the world of concentrates has to offer, the Concentrates Cup.

So the biggest question about the latest High Times Cup (besides what the hell went wrong with Lil Wayne) is who won. Congratulations to the latest winners of one of the most prestigious awards the world of concentrates has to offer, the Concentrates Cup.

History was made at the Concentrates Cup

This event holds a place in history as the first ever Cannabis Cup dedicated solely to concentrates. Concentrates have become a huge part of cannabis culture, so much so that High Times even added some new categories. This marks the first time there has been a separate category for Rosin Tech extractions, a process that started in home users and has made it to the commercial level.

So with that in mind, let’s start off the winners list with that category.

1. Best non-solvent, rosin tech

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1st place went to Strawberry Banana Flower Rosin by A.H.H.S. West Hollywood & Cali Sift Co.

2. Best non-solvent, water hash & kief

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1st Place went to Cookies & Cream Cubantech Drysift by Exotic Genetix with The Cuban Grower and Cuban Hash Queen.

3. Best solvent, compound concentrate

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1st Place went to Strawberry Smoothie by A.H.H.S. West Hollywood & Dabbalicious.

4. Best solvent, pure extract

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1st Place went to Lemon Medley Shatter by Kush Company and Nature’s Lab Extracts.

5. Best solvent, single strain extracts

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Pictured above, the 1st Place in this category for Sativas went to Purple Tangie Live Resin Crumble by Greenwolf/Moxie/Zeinstein.

In the Indica category of solvent, single strain extractions the prize went to Sour Kosher, also by Greenwolf/Moxie/Zeinstein.

For hybrids, 1st place went to Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin Shatter by Wolfpack/Loud Pack/DNA.

Congratulations to all the winners

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There were plenty more categories and more winners. Here’s the list.

  • SATIVA VAPE PEN CARTRIDGES, 1st Place: Cali-O Kingpen by 710 Kingpen/Greenwolf
  • HYBRID VAPE PEN CARTRIDGES, 1st Place: Lemon Chem Kingpen by 710 Kingpen/Greenwolf
  • INDICA VAPE PEN CARTRIDGES, 1st Place: Skywalker Kingpen by 710 Kingpen/Greenwolf
  • MEDICALLY INFUSED PRODUCT (MIPS), 1st Place: Crockett’s Family Strawberry Banana Jewels by Crockett Family Farms
  • CBD CONCENTRATES, 1st Place: Harley Quinn Live Resin Shatter by Loud Pack/Greenwolf/Crockett Family Farms
  • GLASS, 1st Place: Scozz Dragon by Exotic Genetix
  • PRODUCT, 1st Place: Dr. OGX
  • BOOTH, 1st Place: Puffco
  • VAPORIZER1st Place: Puffco – Puffco Plus

Were you one of the lucky ones who attended the Concentrate Cup? Are you a die-hard dabber? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

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