HERB Will Help Smash Old Stereotypes

Our mission is to abolish the stigma around cannabis, advocate it’s benefits, and bring this amazing plant into the mainstream.

At HERB, we’re committed to providing the best cannabis-related news, information, and entertainment to educate, elevate and celebrate this amazing plant. Matt Gray, CEO and co-founder of HERB connected with our Facebook fans on Friday through a live chat on Facebook, answering questions about the rebrand and anything cannabis related. Check out the video below!

“The subtle brand changes we’ve made over the course of the year have resonated with our followers, as the numbers continue to grow each week. We know that rebranding to HERB is the next logical step in our mission to smash the stigma that surrounds cannabis.

We’ve realized that our followers have grown up over those 10 years, and we need to grow with them. HERB is an outcome of growth and the positive progression we see happening in the cannabis industry today.” – Gray

HERB: The name says it all

The name change was another step in the company’s global initiative to bring cannabis into the mainstream and dispel outdated stereotypes about people who use the plant. Fans of the brand will be greeted with a new image, new logo, and a new website, herb.co

“HERB is the source for all things cannabis. We are cannabis enthusiasts with ambition, hustle, and a will to succeed in life. We know that this plant has the power to change lives. We want to be leaders in the movement to change the perception of cannabis.” – Gray

We have been changing our image through content and design since early 2014. Over the past few years, our editorial team has produced more informative, educational, and newsworthy cannabis-related content for you, our millions of global followers.

HERB: New look, same team

We wanted HERB to reflect our decade-long experience and growth in the cannabis media space, and to represents the next evolution of the company. The clean logo and website were designed with the future of cannabis users in mind.

HERB is the place for you to discover cannabis related culture, news, food, and health. Our team at HERB is committed to redefining cannabis through carefully curated, authentic, and entertaining content for its global audience. HERB aims to educate, elevate, and celebrate cannabis because we believe that this plant has had enough bad press!

Our mission at HERB is to abolish the stigma around cannabis, advocate it’s benefits, and bring this amazing plant into the mainstream, by providing the world with quality and credible cannabis-related information.

Why We Rebranded to HERB Matt Gray, Co-Founder, talks about why we rebranded from The Stoner’s Cookbook to HERB.

Posted by HERB on Saturday, April 9, 2016


What do you think of our rebrand to HERB? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

April 12, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by HERB

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April 12, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by HERB

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