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Food Horror Stories: Take A Look At What These Eateries Dared To Serve Their Customers

Some of these have to be illegal, right?

Photo by Molly Ford / Shutterstock

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We’ve all had our fair share of unpleasant encounters with food and restaurants. However, we’d give anything to experience those minor inconveniences over what these local eateries served their customers. Here’s a disturbing list of our top ten food horror stories.

A "Leaky" Pizza?

Photo by Bourtsmash / Redit

This poor soul asked the restaurant for “light sauce,” and when it arrived at their door, they opened the box and stared at what appeared to be a whole bottle of tomato sauce poured over this awfully-drenched pizza. “The word I would describe this pizza would be leaky.”

$20 Shrimp Nachos

Photo by Costner_facts / Reddit

This person spent a good amount of money in hopes of being served a yummy and savory shrimp nacho platter. Yet they were incredibly disappointed when the waiter served them about four whole tortilla chips.


Photo by rapgraves / Reddit

At least this customer got a few more tortilla chips, but they were disappointed to pay $14 only to receive something that looks like a cross-faded college kid would make at 2:00 am on a Friday night.

Chicken Patty Strips

Photo by Reddit

There’s nothing like reminiscing your childhood with crunchy and long chicken strips. However, this customer sadly received what appears to be a chicken burger patty cut into four equal strips.

Ancient Pizza

Photo by jordan150000 / Reddit

We’ve all encountered icky school cafeteria food, but this student spent $3.25 to receive a brown-toned pizza slice that genuinely looks like it’s been through the wringer.

The Rarest Prime Rib Roast

Photo by GaryHC / Reddit

This customer probably had a long week at the office and was happy to treat themself to a $50 meal, only to be served a literal slab of raw cow meat that’s as pink as the day is long.

Spare Cheese, Anyone?

Photo by spudboy226 / Reddit

As if college students aren’t broke enough, this college cafeteria served a student what’s supposed to be a cheese and tomato bagel. But when the student opened the bagel, they found the two tiniest tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese.


Photo by marytime / Reddit

Avocados are a delicacy around California, and there’s nothing like soft avocado toast to start your day, which is exactly what this customer wanted to do before being served avo’s that have sat out for far too long.

Cookie And No Cream

Photo by Thebearmageddon / Reddit

This one was simply insulting. The customer paid $2 to upgrade their pancakes to “Cookies and Cream,” which ended up being one literal cookie and maybe a sliver of cream over top of dry pancakes.

Cheese Fries Made In Hell

Photo by MrcooperYT / Reddit

If there’s one way to tick a stoner off, it’s this. This customer indulged in some mouth-watering cheese fries only to be served a handful of fries and one half-melted slice of processed cheddar.

September 24, 2021 — Last Updated September 28, 2021
Written by Herb
September 24, 2021 — Last Updated September 28, 2021
Written by Herb
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