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health | 12.05.2019

Paranoia Killing Your Buzz? Calm Yourself With These 10 Tips

Paranoia is the most frequent and notorious side effects of cannabis use. Even though we are aware that these feelings will come, we still love cannabis. Here are ten ways to overcome paranoia while high.

Paranoia is an uncomfortable feeling. Cannabis use is sometimes associated with causing anxiety that can transform into paranoia. Ironically we continue to consume cannabis despite knowing that paranoia will creep up on us like moss on a garden fence. Hopefully, you can find some solace with these ten ways to defeat paranoia when you get too high.

1. Remember what you did

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If you are starting to get paranoid and lost in stressful thoughts, take a breath and remember that you chose to consume cannabis. There have been good times and bad times, but you are still in control. You made the choice—you’ve got this.

2. Go outside

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Whether you know it or not, your paranoia can be the result of not having enough space. Go outside for a walk and fresh air next time you feel the paranoia moss creeping.

3. Take a shower

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Rinse the “heebie jeebies” off in a nice shower. Find the right temperature and introduce some aromatherapy. Try some soothing lavender to help calm your nerves.

4. Read stories about conquering paranoia

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You know the old saying, “Misery loves company,” it’s true. If you find yourself dwelling on the paranoia, Google paranoia conquerors and read other people’s stories of overcoming the demons. Who knows, maybe that’s how you found this article!

5. Listen to music

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Distract yourself with good vibrations. Turn on your favorite jam and get lost in the melody. You will quickly forget what is bothering you.

6. Exercise

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I wouldn’t recommend this in all cases, but if you are into exercising, give it a whirl. Your heart rate is likely heightened as the cause or result of the paranoia, so take advantage of it with a run or a good workout.

7. Call your mom (or dad)

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As long as you aren’t paranoid about your parents finding out about your cannabis use, give them a call. Parents are perfect for comforting you in times of need. Just make sure to return the favor to them if they ever need it.

8. Write about your experience

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I encourage you to write about your feelings of paranoia. You can keep a journal or just a scrapbook of your experiences good or bad. Use them in the future to remind yourself that this isn’t a strange feeling. You know it, you’ve conquered it before—move on.

9. Try CBD oil

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As the “anti-THC”, CBD is known to help people climb out of the darkness associated with cannabis side effects. “Professional” smokers are known to carry CBD oil like Charlotte’s Web with them for instances of extreme highs. No guarantee here, but there is a chance that CBD will help you to gather your thoughts in times of need.

10. Deep breaths and counting

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Cannabis inspired paranoia is the chemical result of THC interacting with your endocannabinoid system. So you smoked some heavy sativa and things got out of hand—don’t worry. Control your breathing by taking breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Count the seconds while you breathe. The resulting relaxation will center you.

By now you hopefully know which strains will give you anxiety and paranoia. Try to avoid these strains in the future. If one gets you by surprise, hopefully, these ten things will help you rise above the paranoia.

Do you have any tips for dealing with paranoia when high? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

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