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health | 12.20.2019

Cannabis and Exercise: How Can You Combine Them To Improve Your Health And Wellness

Whether you’re a super athlete or just looking to add more balance to your life, cannabis has a place in your health and wellness routine.

The worn out image of the lazy stoner is slowly but surely being replaced by a more accurate depiction of the modern cannabis enthusiast. Active, healthy and enterprising, more and more people are coming out as cannabis users, educating themselves and combining cannabis and exercise as part of their health and wellness routines. Thanks to portable and cleaner vaporizer option, such as the Linx Ember, combining cannabis and exercise has become easier than ever.

Can Cannabis and Exercise Improve Performance and Recovery?

Much of the discussion surrounding therapeutic applications of marijuana centers around its uses when treating conditions such as cancer, epilepsy or PTSD. Health and wellness related uses of cannabis only don’t apply to chronic conditions, however. Many athletes, both casual and professional are finding uses for the effects of THC and CBD.

Former NFL star Ricky Williams estimated that 40-50% of football players turn to cannabis for pain management. Chances are you’re not on the gridiron every Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that cannabis isn’t an effective alternative to potentially dangerous pain medication in times of discomfort.

Ultramarathon runners are another athletic community that is vocal in their enthusiasm for cannabis. Citing it’s stress, nausea and pain reducing qualities, these long-distance runners turn to weed to help them push through one of the toughest physical challenges on earth and to recover after. You don’t need to be a super athlete to reap these benefits, however. After all, stress, fatigue, and pain can plague even those of us who don’t find running hundred of miles is our idea of a good time.

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What Happens When We Combine Cannabis And Exercise

When we consume cannabis, THC and CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system to produce a number of responses. Depending on the concentrations of each of these cannabinoids, those can include mental relaxation, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory responses.

CBD is particularly useful in combating pain and inflammation, for example. Habitual runners tackling long distances might choose to consume high-CBD strains or concentrates after hitting the pavement to speed their recovery. The same goes for someone looking to catch a few miles after work and who perhaps isn’t as enthused about hopping on the treadmill. Pain and inflammation from exercise can be a big part of why people abandon their fitness regimes, and combining cannabis and exercise can help you overcome that pain and stay on track.

The psychoactive cannabinoid THC can also be useful to help your mind lock into your activities, overcoming mental barriers. That might mean extra focus when lifting weights, paying particular attention to form and movement. It could mean those last couple of laps flying by as opposed to grinding on you. Understanding your tolerance is important, however. Without proper awareness, you could overexert yourself. Each person’s tolerance and its relationship to cannabis and exercise will be different. Make sure you keep this in mind before you overdo it.

How Should I Combine Cannabis and Exercise

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Concentrate vaporizers are one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis, the carcinogens caused when you ignite cannabis. Even dry herb vaporizers can produce a small amount of burning which can irritate the lungs, even if it doesn’t produce a noticeable negative effect on lung function. In fact, cannabis may even have a bronchodilatory effect, in which lung function is slightly improved. Perfect for adding a few miles to your run or maybe one or two more reps to your set.

If you’re thinking about incorporating cannabis into your workout regimen or personal health and wellness practices we recommend the Linx Ember, a new wax concentrate vaporizers from Linx. After the success of their Gaia unit, the Ember is small enough to slip into your gym bag or pocket, meaning you can access clean, pure vapor whether you’re about to work out or looking to come down nice and easy.

At just $39.99, it is a more affordable option than many portable concentrate vaporizers on the market, but won’t make you sacrifice quality. The Ember is made from medical grade stainless steel, offering a sleek and discreet finish that won’t give you away while looking stylish all the same. It also has a clear quartz vapor window, so you can see how much of your concentrate is left in the chamber and make sure you don’t set a new personal best without the recovery aid you need.

Simply push the power button five times to turn the unit on, and then use the same button to choose between its three power settings, depending on your vapor preferences. Dial-up each one to see which is your optimal setting when you’re looking to combine cannabis and exercise routines. With the offer of pain management, quicker recovery, reduced inflammation and increased mental focus, why not give it a go after your next ultramarathon. Or the next time you put the treadmill on the toughest incline.

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