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Does Cannabis Kill Cancer Cells? This Doctor Says Yes

Want a powerful video to help you change the beliefs of friends and family towards medical cannabis? Watch this from Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal

It can be hard to hammer the cold facts of how cannabis heals into the minds of those clouded by old rhetoric. Even I have trouble with people I grew up with, and even smoked with, when I was younger. Sometimes, it takes a more “accredited” voice to say the same things for people we care about to finally listen. If you suffer from the same situation, here’s a video you want to watch, and share.

Take it from a guy who knows

Who better to talk about the cancer-killing properties of cannabis than a government doctor? No one! Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD, formerly worked for the United States government. In fact, he helped write the content on their new official website about cannabis and cancer.

Can cannabis kill cancer cells? Yes! We know that for a fact. That’s been shown over and over again… in laboratories, petri dishes, animals… and increasingly we have started to generate case reports with real good objective markers.

So why is cannabis illegal?

Dr. Aggarwal states that we have known about these effects since the War on Drugs began! He says that the major reason it stays illegal is due to political pressure, censoring scientific research. But that is starting to change. 2016 has been and continues to be a great year for cannabis.

Thankfully now on the cancer.gov, the National Cancer Institute website, as of the latter part of January 2016, they have included some of these case report citations and many more details about how cannabis and cannabinoids can help in cancer.

I was proud to have been a part of the editorial advosory board, to put those revisions in. And I’m hoping that as we gain this knowledge, we will also gain the courage to see where it leads us.

See? Accredited doctor, government worker, official website. Cannabis helps kill cancer and treat the pain and suffering patients go through. How simple is that?

Do you have to defend your fight for medical or recreational freedom of choice to your family or friends? What has finally helped some of them change their beliefs? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

August 31, 2016 — Last Updated December 03, 2019

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August 31, 2016 — Last Updated December 03, 2019

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