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How Cannabis Makes Being a Woman Even Better

Whether it’s more intense orgasms or less period pain, cannabis helps make being a woman even better.

A woman smokes a joint. Cannabis is helping to make being a woman even better, whether it be weed lube for orgasms or CBD-infused bath bombs.

Photo by Marley Natural via Facebook

A true sign of progress is upon us: women’s sexual health and wellbeing are being taken seriously, and cannabis is contributing to what’s making being a woman even better than ever.  Entrepreneurs are embracing weed as a holy mecca of possibility. And armed with their new knowledge and desire to innovate, they are creating products for humans with vaginas that should have existed long ago.

The sensations of weed lubrication can be enjoyed alone or with a partner, the pain relief of a suppository ensures period cramps don’t strip away a woman’s ability to function, and the energizing nature of that perfect strain to help take on the day is nothing short of revolutionary.

It’s about time.

How cannabis makes being a woman even better

Weed lube for orgasms

While sexual enhancement products for women are empowering, the feeling goes beyond the pleasure (or alleviating the pain). It places the focus of fulfillment on women and those with vaginas. An informal reader survey conducted by Psychology Today found that 67 percent of respondents reported that cannabis heightened the sexual experience, compared to 12 percent who reported that it made the experience worse. Plant-based sexual enhancement lubes like Foria, designed to increase sensitivity and heighten orgasms, are helping women connect with their body and release into the sweet feeling of intimacy.

Cannabis suppositories for cramps

How Cannabis Makes Being a Woman Even 1Bettere How Cannabis Makes Being a Woman Even Better
Photo by Marley Natural via Facebook

It is the unavoidable reality of every pre-menopausal woman: cramps. CBD is helping to stave off the pain of that special inner shedding, as well as soothe sore joints, back pain, and headaches that also come with that time of the month. Most women feel a sense of bonding or “hibernation” with their body during their period, but pain can turn that feeling of “oneness” into one of resentment, especially if they’re bed-ridden and curled in the fetal position. CBD products can help turn your ovaries into fluffy clouds instead of spike balls of death, so you can enjoy a pain-free day, whether you choose to stay in and watch movies or head out to handle business. Suppositories go straight to the offending area to relax muscles and ease tension in a matter of minutes.

Edibles for relaxation

As far as snacks go, edibles high in CBD are definitely one of the best ways to relax. With so many new products on the market, like mouthwatering pretzels coated with umami spices or dark chocolate espresso beans with just 2 mg of THC per bite (perfect for newcomers), edibles can make the day, and any worries, melt away from the inside.

Lighting up for life in general

Whether it’s working out, building a business, or stepping out into the world like a force to be reckoned with, there are plenty of people who still love the good ol’ fashioned feeling of smoking a joint to get into the right headspace. Be it for focus, creativity, or energy, there is always a strain perfectly suited for conquering the day.

Get it, girl!

September 28, 2018 — Last Updated December 04, 2019
Written by Nicolle Hodges

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September 28, 2018 — Last Updated December 04, 2019
Written by Nicolle Hodges

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