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How Cannabis Oil Saved My Severely Autistic Son

This dad has a newfound role as a cannabis oil activist. It has given his severely autistic son the ability to relax and communicate for the first time.

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What wouldn’t you do to help your child? Would you spend every dollar you had? Would you break the law? Would you change the world? Those questions and more rolled around in the head of one Georgia father, but he knew the answers before even thinking. Yes. Dale Jackson spoke with Cannabis.net about his son, his newfound role as a cannabis oil activist, and the troubles parents face with the law.

Dale speaks about his reason for passion

Cannabis Oil Saved My Son 1 How Cannabis Oil Saved My Severely Autistic Son
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My son is severely autistic, for anyone that doesn’t know that. He just turned eight this past March. He has never spoken a word, he is what they would refer to as ‘very low-functioning’ autistic. We are blessed in that he does not demonstrate any severe self-harm behaviors.

But as an autistic dad, that’s one of the fears that we go to sleep every single night. Because generally there’s no warning with autistic children.

Dale goes on to tell how with the use of cannabis oil medicine, his son shows the ability to relax. He begins to understand when they speak to him, and that level of communication is a huge breakthrough.

Why parents in Georgia are still fighting

Cannabis Oil Saved My Son 2 How Cannabis Oil Saved My Severely Autistic Son
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The laws in Georgia have only in the last 2 years begun to change towards medical cannabis. First, they managed to get 8 conditions listed for access to medical cards for oil only. But production and sale of the medicine are still illegal, so patients have to risk the laws of other states and the Federal government to bring the oil in.

Then, parent-patient activists tried to get the law expanded to include Autism but balked at a proposed reduction in the THC content of the oil attached to the amendment.

Making a difference

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There were no organizations in Georgia for parents to go to for help with obtaining oil. So Jackson and parents like him have stood up and done the leg work.

All we’re doing is we’re serving basically as a go-between. Families come to us, and we have a lot of expertise at our disposal. Doctors, physicians, pharmacists, that help us and that we act as a [councel] to help that parent that they have an autistic child or they have an uncle that has Parkinson’s. And this is just things I’ve had conversations today; with cancer, leukemia, Parkinson’s, dementia, ALS, and that’s just today.

If you have questions about Georgia’s laws, finding a medical cannabis oil provider, or how it can potentially help someone you love, Dale and a team of parents are there to give you the answers they searched so hard to find on their own.


Cannabis Oil Saved My Son 4 How Cannabis Oil Saved My Severely Autistic Son
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The “Facebook of Weed,” Cannabis.net is an open, caring online community that is fast growing as a hub for experts and newcomers to cannabis alike to ask questions, share stories of hope, and support each other. You can talk to doctors, lawyers, parents, patients, and cannabis friendly businesses in your area or around the world.

You can follow Cannabis.net on  Twitter, or see what they are up to on Instagram. Follow them on Facebook for great cannabis-lovers posts and social news.

Do you think that asking patients to break the law to get medicine is fair? When will Georgia legalize cultivation and sale? Share your opinion on social media or in the comments below.

June 28, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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June 28, 2016 — Last Updated December 04, 2019

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