Cannabis Oil Saves Another Life

Gwenevere was having around 40 to 50 seizures a day. Desperate to find a medicine that worked, the Repetski family turned to marijuana.

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At only 2 years-old, Gwenevere was having 40 to 50 epileptic seizures a day. Desperate to find a medicine that worked for their daughter, the Repetski family turned to marijuana. 

“Even if she wasn’t having a seizure we could see, she was having a constant epileptic seizure activity in her brain,” Guinevere’s father, Alexander Repetski tells Collective Evolution. “There was almost constant subclinical seizure activity. There was basically, in layman’s terms, misfirings all the time.”

Cannabis Oil Offers Hope

It’s this type of constant seizure activity that can cause severe brain damage, especially in a child so young. She was on 9 different medications, but none of them eliminated the epileptic activity in this little girl’s brain. By age two, she was developmentally stuck at a 4-month level.

Alexander explains why he turned to cannabis:

“I was looking to understand what was happening to my daughter. I was looking to see if there was something that hadn’t been thought of or had been ignored because of some other factor and along that journey I came across cannabis.”

There was one major problem. In Canada at the time, only dried flower was legal for medical marijuana patients. This put the family in a bind: how do you correctly dose a toddler with weed that’s only legal to smoke/vape?

The Repetski’s decided to take matters into their own hands. Through a process of trial and error, they developed his own type of cannabis oil that he could give to his daughter.

The result? Gwenevere didn’t show any epileptic seizure activity for several straight weeks. It was amazing. While she once showed perpetual, brain-damaging seizure activity, her new EEG results showed that she now experienced absolutely none. 

The Repetski’s could finally stop waiting up all night by their daughter’s bedside. Gwenevere even enjoyed being tickled for the first time in her life. She has now been seizure free for over a year. Watch the video below.

Stories like Gwenevere’s just go to show exactly why we need to open up the dialogue around medical cannabis.

Have you had any experience with cannabis oil? Has it effectively helped you treat your medical condition? We’d love to hear your story! Share your experience with us on social media or write us a note in the comments section below.

February 10, 2016 — Last Updated November 29, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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February 10, 2016 — Last Updated November 29, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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