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7 Reasons Why you Should Ditch Tobacco and Switch to Vaping

Why should one choose to vape instead of smoke? Here are some facts that can help you understand why you should ditch cigarettes for vaping.

As more devices hit the market, some people are still struggling to understand how different vaping is from smoking. Does it give the same feeling? Why should one choose to vape instead of smoke? Here are seven reasons and some facts that can help you understand why you should ditch cigarettes for vaping.

1. Vaping is healthier

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One key ingredient of the cigarette smoke is tar. Tar is a combination of various combustion byproducts that are known to have carcinogenic properties. When you smoke, the harmful components affect many bodily organs that the cigarette smoke comes into contact with.

This is why smoking is associated with various health problems, including chronic coughs, heart disease, various cancers, difficulties getting pregnant and many others.

Vaping eliminates combustion byproducts. You only inhale clean vapor which contains the desired stimulant. This cuts down on the health risks associated with smoking. In fact, you can improve your health immensely by simply ditching cigarettes for vaping.

We can’t say that it is completely healthy but it is perfectly clear that vaping is significantly safer than smoking cigarettes.

2. Vaping doesn’t leave an after-smell

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With smoking, you have to constantly chew or wash your hands to tone down the bad smell associated with burnt tobacco plants. Your clothes and house can’t hide the fact that you are a smoker. E-cigars do not leave that unpleasant smell. In fact, quite the contrary. Depending on what are you using, vaping can leave you with a surprisingly pleasant experience for your nose.

3. Vaping is better for your appearance

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Vapor doesn’t discolor your teeth and fingertips. This is because it doesn’t contain the tar produced when tobacco plants are burnt. It also doesn’t cause eye bags, eye dryness and irritation or stretch marks and skin tightness like cigarette smoke. With time, smoking cigarettes makes you appear older than your normal age.

4. Vaping is better for the environment and people around you

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There are many cigarettes remains that are thrown around by smokers every day. These remains end up in the rivers, streets, and other unwanted areas. The filters used in cigarettes are not biodegradable. This makes them very harmful to the environment.

What’s more, the secondhand smoke produced during smoking pollutes the air. Not to mention how people around a smoker can’t really avoid inhaling the cigarette smoke. With a good vape, you limit the chances of harmful smoke filling the environment and you won’t have to deal anymore with that annoying friend who always complains about being the passive smoker. You can’t ask for more.

5. Vaping can be a good way to help you quit smoking

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The main reason why a smoker finds it difficult to quit is because the nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. Fortunately, e-liquids used in vaping have varied amounts of nicotine which allows you to make an easier transition from smoking to vaping.

If you are determined to quit smoking, you can begin by reducing the amount of nicotine you consume. With time, you will find it possible to enjoy e-juices without any nicotine. Besides, there are nicotine replacement products that you can use in these vape devices to help you quit smoking.

6. Vaping is cheaper

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The main expenditure on vaping will be on the device. A good vape can cost about $250 and it will last. Afterward, you will be spending on e-liquids and some accessories. In 2015, the average price of one pack of cigarette in the US was $7.26. If you were a smoker who uses a pack a day, your monthly expenditure on cigarettes would be at least $225. At the same time, a 10ml e-liquid, which equals to 5 packs of cigarettes, costs $7.00. If you compare the costs of vaping and smoking, the former is likely to save you approximately $167 a month.

7. Vaping can be discreet and gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere

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Some small devices, such as vape pens, do not even look like a smoking device. The vapor isn’t visible or smelly. In fact, e-cigars are flavored and some even smell like candy. In this case, you can enjoy your e-cigar in public without causing any disturbance. It could be on a train, the office or your home – there is no need to slip into a private place to smoke.

Looking at the different aspects of vaping vs smoking, vaping is definitely a winner. Smoking is expensive and causes preventable deaths. Vaping comes in handy to remedy the situation.

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Anthony Jack works as a marketing manager at Dutch seeds shop. With several years of experience in the marijuana industry under his belt, he never misses a chance to share his input on the matter with the world.

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