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Health | 02.23.2022

Ever Wonder What The DMT Experience Feels Like? A New Study Has The Answers

A recent study took a deep dive into the DMT trip and found that all participants had "overwhelmingly positive" experiences.

While the world of psychedelics can be rather intimidating at first, it helps to read up on your substance of choice before diving headfirst into a trip, so you can prepare both the mind and body for what you may experience. 

While many prefer psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms or LSD, a recent study gave us a complete and in-depth rundown of what your mind goes through when dosing the substance DMT. The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology and gave us a full glance at what individuals experienced on DMT, and the findings were quite fascinating. 

Before we dive into what these individuals experienced on their trip, let’s understand what DMT is. Surprisingly, it’s actually a chemical that’s produced in the brain but is also found in various plants. The high produced by DMT could be described as otherwordly, as users tend to have experiences with nonexistent beings and places.

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Main study author and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Greenwich, Pascal Michael, wrote that DMT is “enthralling” because of how “quickly and dramatically it can transform almost everything about one’s conscious experience.”

As we mentioned above, using DMT often leads to these experiences that can be somewhat indescribable, like transporting yourself into another dimension and walking amongst beings you’d never thought existed. Some even come back from a trip and try to describe their experience meeting a higher power like God. 

For this particular study, the individuals inhaled 54.5mg of DMT, and once the effects were gone, the researchers asked the participants a series of questions through recorded interviews. It wasn’t surprising that most of the participants mentioned an otherwordly experience like encountering a different life form and transporting oneself to other dimensions. 

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In fact, Michael wrote the most common experiences were individuals “Entering Other Worlds and Encountering Other Beings,” adding that “100% of our 36 interviews involved the former, and 94% (34) demonstrated the latter.”

Michael further explained that they encountered an entity that might have looked like the following description based on the interviews with individuals after their trip. “Carrying the functions of teaching or presenting the experiment with something, and while humanoid would have more stylized features such as being clown-like or even octopoid, with an often shifting, sometimes geometric form.”

All in all, the study concluded that “These meetings were also overwhelmingly positive,” and more than half of the participants said the entities had an “enchanting nature.” Some even felt like they could communicate with these beings through telepathy.

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