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Cannabis Oil Gave 4-Year-Old Medical Marijuana Refugee A Chance To Live

The Selmeskis decided to move all the way across the country to Colorado with hopes that cannabis would give Maggie a second shot at life.

After learning that their four-month-old daughter Maggie’s life would soon be cut short, the Selmeskis were without a doubt at the lowest point of their lives. Maggie has intractable epilepsy, which once caused her to have up to 500 seizures each day. Not a single pharmaceutical could get them under control, and so the Selmeskis decided to move all the way across the country with hopes that cannabis would give Maggie a second shot at life. And it did just that. Now, at four-years-old, Maggie has just 15-20 seizures a day.

Cannabis gives four-year-old a second shot at life

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Rachael and Shawn Selmeski are now part of the phenomenon of medical marijuana refugees, after making the decision to move all the way across the country to access medical cannabis for their daughter Maggie.

Maggie has intractable epilepsy, which once caused her to have up to 500 seizures each day. And at just four-months-old, her parents were told that she wouldn’t have long to live because of them.

First, the family turned to pharmaceuticals. But none of them seemed to get her seizures under control.

Maggie’s doctor had ever lost hope, telling the parents that nothing more could be done. Though Rachael and Shawn continued to search for an effective treatment, Shawn days he was still preparing his heart for his daughter’s death.

Eventually, Rachael came across cannabis. She quickly learned that the plant could control seizures, even in children. Despite the evidence, Shawn was iffy about giving Maggie marijuana,

We’re not giving our 1-year-old marijuana! Are you nuts?

The cross-country move to Colorado that changed their lives

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Shawn wasn’t the only one hesitant to give his daughter cannabis. But according to Rachael, they were willing to try the only viable option they had left,

When it became our daughter [in need of medical marijuana] and it was a viable option — and one of the only viable options left — we said, ‘It’s worth it. We’ll give it a shot.’

Since they could not access the medicine in Tennesse, it meant they would have to move seventeen-month-old Maggie across the country to Colorado. There, they could legally give Maggie a drug called Charlotte’s Web– the extract of a strain of locally grown cannabis that’s low in THC and high in CBD.

Once Maggie received her first dose, it didn’t take long to make its impact. Now, at four-years-old, Maggie only has up to 15-20 seizures a day.

On top of that, she is also attending preschool. Maggie is even beginning to express herself more, which she was once not able to do. It’s all thanks to a medical cannabis patch she wears daily, as well as the oil she takes orally.

According to Shawn, the move to Colorado was an obvious one. Cannabis was the only treatment that effectively gave their daughter a second chance at life,

Our 4-year-old has done more drugs than anyone we know.

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