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health | 12.05.2019

Medical Cannabis Has Nothing To Do With Getting High

Over half of the country now with access to their medicine, so why is the stigma surrounding medical cannabis still very much still alive?

On Tuesday, Arkansas gave approval to Issue 6, which makes medical cannabis legal. Now, patients are waiting for the process to begin. Despite Arkansas’s approval, along with several other states, the stigma surrounding medical cannabis is very much still alive. From being called a loser to a pothead, the insults never seem to end. However, what many are failing to realize is that it’s not just about getting high. On the contrary, it’s about healing the individuals that so desperately need it. Check out the video below by KHBS to hear from patients themselves as to why medical cannabis has nothing to do with getting high. 

Arkansas patients await medical cannabis

As a result of Arkansas approving Issue 6 to legalize medical cannabis, patients in the state are now waiting for the medication they so desperately need. Indeed, it’s an exciting time for the individuals that fight for their lives every single day. However, they still want everyone to know one thing: it has nothing to do with getting high.

During the video by KHBS, two patients share their stories and how medical cannabis can make their lives better. Moreover, they discuss the alternatives that are currently failing to heal them.

Corey Hunt, educator, advocate, and co-founder of Illegally Healed stresses the importance of doctors and medical professionals stepping up to learn about the medicine. Moreover, he says this is a huge deal for residents in Arkansas,

It is now our constitutional right as Arkansans to have safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Gone are the days where patients are considered criminals. It’s time to move out of the shadows and into the light. – Corey Hunt

Ultimately, the patients awaiting their medical cannabis want everyone to understand it’s about improving the quality of their lives, not getting high. Don’t forget to listen to their stories and how medical cannabis will help in the video below.

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