Medical marijuana didn’t just help this veteran — it saved his life.

Watch this veteran explain why medical marijuana doesn’t just help PTSD patients — it can end up being the deciding factor between life and death.

Jul 14, 2015 - HERB

Here’s another instance of medical marijuana saving lives — except it comes from an unlikely source.

We hear a lot about severely epileptic children (700 seizures a day) who turn to cannabis when all else fails, drastically reducing or eliminating their seizures, effectively giving them a chance to see adolescence.

We hear about the tragic case of Shona Banda, a Crohn’s patient that lost her child to CPS and faces a lifetime in prison for saving her life with medical marijuana.

However, PTSD patients face a different battle when trying to justify the therapeutic power of cannabis. The relationship between cannabis and PTSD is poorly understood, as expected given that both the plant and disease are relatively new to medicine and research is limited. What’s more, the symptoms cannabis alleviates aren’t directly life-threatening — they’re indirectly life-threatening.

This army veteran explains exactly that with his personal story of suffering from PTSD and finding cannabis — luckily just in time.

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