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health | 01.01.2022

New Study Says Smart Teens Are Most Likely To Smoke Weed

If a new study is any indication, smart teens may be more likely to experiment with mind-altering substances like cannabis.

If a new study is any indication, smart teens may be more likely to experiment with mind-altering substances. The study was published in the British Medical Journal Open. As Time reports, British researchers have found that high-achieving teens are more likely to smoke cannabis and drink. Curious as to why? Watch the video below.

Smart teens are most likely to smoke weed

It’s true, the new study did find a correlation between high academic achievement and the willingness to try cannabis. The study tracked 6,000 U.K. teenagers from ages 11 to 20. In the early teen years, high-performing students were less likely to smoke cigarettes and more likely to drink alcohol or tobacco.

By the time the students were in their late teens, some more striking associations emerged. Students that performed better in school were more 50% more likely to consume cannabis on occasion. However, they were twice as likely to be persistent cannabis consumers and were twice as likely to drink alcohol.

Why are smart kids more likely to experiment?

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While it’s impossible to say for sure just why smart teens are more likely to use mind-altering substances. However, the researchers suggest that smart youngsters may be more open to trying new experiences.

Though, the researchers also speculated that the high-performing teens may also come from wealthier families. This would give them more access to the resources needed to buy these sorts of items.

Regardless, research on persistent teen cannabis consumption suggests that it may be better to lay off of the herb until an older age. Though, there has been additional research on the topic suggests that familial or environmental factors may actually lend a hand in negative health impacts oft associated with early cannabis consumption.

It’s important to note that this study showed a correlation only. This does not mean that teens are smoking cannabis because they are smart, and it does not mean that cannabis is making them smarter. Rather, this research simply found a connection between the two phenomena.

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