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News | 01.27.2022

How to Become An Intern For The U.S. Cannabis Council

This 9-week internship is the perfect way to step foot into the cannabis industry.

You now have a chance to work with the renowned U.S. Cannabis Council through a new summer internship, partnered with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. The internship program is called “Pathways to the C-Suite” and was designed to propel Black talent forward in this saturated and frequently unequal industry

The program first made its way into the industry in late 2021, when the U.S. Cannabis Council announced the deadline for applications as of December 3, 2021. Worry not; you still have many chances to work with the coalition striving to reform cannabis policy. 

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The Summer 2022 Pathways to the C-Suite internship program is currently looking for Black college seniors and recent college graduates to hop on board. They’re expected to gain incredible career experience and utilize all networking opportunities alongside leading companies like ACHEM, Canopy, Columbia Care, Curaleaf, Holistic, Marijuana Policy Project, and Weedmaps.

College seniors and recent graduates will have the chance to work alongside the country’s leading cannabis executives while learning their way around policy formulation and “how public policy is influenced and developed at every level,” notes the job description

There’s no better place to gain such valuable knowledge and hands-on work experience in the corporate cannabis world than through the new internship program in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Prospective interns will get to work directly with leading cannabis organizations and advocates that hold employment diversity as a moral belief. 

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Furthermore, these companies are adamant about internship-to-employment opportunities, making it easier for the intern to land a stable career afterward. But it doesn’t end there; interns are said to receive housing during their summer-long internship, a $3,000 stipend, and will do their work from a corporate sponsor’s office. 

In these workspaces and other U.S. Cannabis Council initiatives, interns can network and gain insight from senior business leaders while learning how to navigate day-to-day and large-scale challenges. These skills are vital for working in corporate America, especially in the evolving cannabis industry, and interns will learn all they need to know within the 9-week program. 

There’s also a handful of team-building events and leadership development sessions to help equip interns with the tools they need in today’s modern cannabis industry. If you’re interested in taking up the Summer 2022 Pathways to the C-Suite internship program, click here and see if you qualify. There are also several other listings here

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