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Industry | 02.11.2022

Colorado Broke Another Record, Generating $2.22 Billion In Cannabis Sales Last Year

Year after year, Colorado surpasses the record high cannabis sales it made, now reaching a grand total of $12.2 billion since legalization.

Every year, Colorado sets a new record for cannabis sales. According to recent statistics from the state Department of Revenue, Colorado generated $2.22 billion in 2021 through recreational and medical sales combined. 

This new annual total also beat Colorado’s combined cannabis sales in 2020, which was $2.19 billion, and also set a record at the time. We can’t help but think the pandemic was a major factor in the increasing medical and recreational cannabis sales. 

While we thought 2020 was a dull year, 2021 just seemed like a blur, and perhaps individuals in legalized states sought cannabis to help brighten those cyclical days. 


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The department shared the full sales figures for Colorado in 2021, which impressively was a whopping $2,228,994,553. Additionally, $168 million of that total was generated in December alone. According to the Department of Revenue, the total amount of cannabis sales from medical and recreational markets in Colorado since the plant was legalized in January 2014 reached a peak of $12.2 billion. 

The year Colorado legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, the state generated $683 million in sales, and since then, Colorado has been setting a new record every year. These numbers might turn a few heads from state leaders who may consider legalizing cannabis in some form in the future. 

Following in the footsteps of the “most mature recreational marijuana market in the U.S.” reports MJBizDaily, is probably a wise move for prospective legalized states

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