Industry | 04.22.2020

Herb Pickup, The Best Way to Find and Buy Cannabis, Launches Nationwide

Waiting in long lineups to pickup your cannabis isn’t just annoying, these days, it can be dangerous too. That's why this year on a very special 4/20, Herb will be rolling out Herb Pickup nationwide.

Waiting in long lineups to pickup your cannabis isn’t just annoying, these days, it can be dangerous too. That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring you Herb Pickup—a way to discover and buy the best nearby cannabis products for you, then skip the lines in stores to pick up your order in 30 seconds like a VIP. This year on a very special April 20th—4/20/2020—Herb just launched Herb Pickup nationwide.

Herb Pickup: a way to discover and buy the best cannabis products for you, near you.

Herb Pickup is simple. Use the Herb Pickup platform to find your favourite product and its availability at stores near you. No guessing. No waiting in lines just to find out your product is out-of-stock. Herb makes that all simple with live menus supported at over 200 stores across Canada!

Looking for a cannabis retailer in your neighbourhood? Use our live map to find a store near you, or swipe through a list of nearby stores. Order ahead, skip the line, and save time. Track your order, and be notified when your order is ready for pickup. Simply show your Herb card at the checkout and you’re on your way home to enjoy your cannabis experience. Save up enough points and redeem them for some amazing perks, discounts, and experiences.

All of this is free for both Consumers and Retailers and 100% compliant.

Leading Pickup Solution

Herb Pickup is the leading solution for consumers that are looking for a convenient, accurate, and enjoyable cannabis experience. For stores, Herb Pickup allows you to increase transactions per day, increase brand awareness amongst Herb’s 2.5 million (and growing) Canadian consumers, and provide a superior customer experience for consumers looking to quickly and easily purchase their cannabis.

Founder and CEO Matt Gray says the company is expanding its retail footprint in Los Angeles and New York as well.

“Herb Pickup is an end-to-end solution that will elevate the way Canadians purchase cannabis. We are hyper-focused on creating cutting edge technology to better serve consumers,” says Matt Gray, founder and CEO of Herb.

Herb Pickup User Journey

Frictionless Ordering

Herb has integrations with all major POS systems and syncs with store menus every 15 minutes. When an order is placed the product is sent into an order queue at the store. The customer is able to set a pickup window at the time of purchase which informs the store on the priority of the order in relation to other orders and consumers. When the consumer comes to pick up their order, they are able to show their Herb Card, skip the line, and purchase their cannabis in-store. The entire experience takes two minutes on average, which is 90% faster than the average consumer is spending through the normal in-store

Herb Pickup enables consumers to pre-order cannabis products for pickup in-store. From our extensive research, the average customer spends 21 minutes in-store—and most importantly, 75% of consumers wish the in-store experience was faster and simpler. With Herb Pickup customers are able to order ahead, skip the line, and save time. From the convenience of, consumers are able to see the live menu of stores near them. Our menus update every 2 minutes to ensure you ind exactly what you’re looking for. 

With Herb Pickup, you have thousands of cannabis products in your pocket. It’s simple, private, and 100% legal.

Are you a retailer looking to sign up for Herb Pickup? Click this link to join for free today!

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