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Industry | 01.10.2020

High Tech: Meet the Software That’s Changing How Dispensaries Do Business

Avoid the lines. This innovative software helps you find exactly what you’re looking for at your favorite dispensary—no hassle involved. Created with Buddi.

It’s official: software is changing the way we run errands. From McDonald’s checkout lines to grocery delivery—apps, tablets, and touch screens make your daily pitstops easier than ever before. Now, you can add your local cannabis shop to the speedy checkout list.

Meet the Software That’s Changing How Dispensaries Do Business

They used to say that “money makes the world go round.” Now, it’s software. Software is one of the single most important investments any business can make. The digital tools may have been non-existent a mere five decades ago, but now businesses are reliant on software to manage the most essential elements of their daily operations, like cashflow, workflow, and customer service. 

And yet, software is the one thing that the cannabis industry has never really had. Canadian cannabis retail shops first opened their doors in late 2018, and perhaps with less industry-specific software options than most other industries. Fortunately, entrepreneurs are quickly closing in on the technology gap. 

Meet the best new software for cannabis retailers. 


Kiss print menus and manual updates goodbye. 

Buddi is a smart tablet software that keeps track of dispensary inventory in real-time. Part digital budtender and part McDonald’s kiosk, Buddi allows customers to browse through all products that are in-stock and ready for purchase—just walk up to a tablet, peruse different strains, edibles, and products, then add them to your cart. 

As long as you remember your order number, you’ll be out of the store and on your way to a happier afternoon in no time. 

Consumers may love to skip the line and have a little more privacy, but real-time menu systems like Buddi are game-changing for cannabis retailers. There’s no more run on the counter, with lines of irritated customers waiting for minutes only to find out that their favorite strain is out of stock. It also means a leaner business; installing a tablet system like Buddi helps businesses save money on extra staff. 

Customers can filter their search by their preferred products, cannabis type, and more. Detailed product descriptions help consumers make informed decisions, all the while saving staff from spending too much time on the sales floor, explaining their products. 

And there are backend benefits, too. As a smart system, Buddi keeps track of which products are most popular, making merchandising and stocking easier and more efficient than ever. Backend analytics will tell you which products are viewed the most, how much time consumers spend looking for products, and can help you track customer preferences that are unique to your store.

Greenline POS

Greenline POS is a point-of-sale system designed specifically for the cannabis industry. A point-of-sale system (POS) is software that allows businesses to manage transactions, record sales, and process payments. Since adult-use legalization began in 2018, several POS companies closed in on the new market. Greenline POS is the first system that was made entirely by Canadians, specifically for Canadian companies.

It features some unique perks, too. 

Greenline POS will alert retail staff if a consumer is attempting to purchase more than their allotted 30-gram limit. It also tracks retailer compliance, reducing the chance of run-ins with the law.  Greenline offers free training to staff members, saving businesses time and resources dedicated to training staff on new technology in a brand new industry. And, finally, it allows businesses to access product catalogs for different provinces, meaning that no one has to waste time entering products one at a time. Who wants to do that?

Buddi Dispensary Software

Photo from Buddi.

Click & Collect

Order for pickup, please?

Pre-ordering your cannabis has never been easier. Since the legalization of adult-use in Canada, tech pioneers are in a race to develop fast and efficient online ordering systems. Click-and-collect systems allow for online ordering and in-store pickup. One of the easiest on the market? Buddi’s Click & Collect. (Aptly named, right?) 

In September of 2019, Buddi launched Click & Collect, an online ordering system that integrates with a variety of cannabis point-of-sale systems, including Greenline, Cova, 365Cannabis, Shopify, and Profitek. So, retailers can expect a seamless experience from online cart to instore sale. 

Click & Collect also makes it easier to accommodate regulations specific to your region—specialized age-gating means that retailers can use the software in a variety of different provinces, which all have their own unique laws and age limits. 

Thanks to Click & Collect, retailers can add live online menus to their store website. These menus allow prospective customers to browse inventory and place an online order for in-store pickup. 

But, don’t think that you can buy your flower online. Consumers still have to go into the store to pay. Cannabis is now fully legal to produce, consume, market, and purchase, in Canada, but the plant is still heavily regulated. This means that all payments need to be made onsite—and don’t forget your ID!

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