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Industry | 11.04.2021

Human Dominoes: One Of The Weirdest Guinness Records To Exist

Will you catch us if we fall?

World records are great; they give people an opportunity to be as weird, strange, or gross as possible for a chance at notoriety. In one of the funniest and oddly satisfying Guinness World Records, this business was happy to let its employees lie down on the job.

Back in 2016, furniture store Aaron’s Inc. had quite the goal in mind, and they were more than successful. The store beat the world record for the Largest Human Mattress Dominoes, where they had to exceed 1,150 people and mattresses to do so.

Aaron’s Inc. managed to pull it off quite nicely. There’s something about watching 1,200 people and mattresses tumble on top of each other that is oddly pleasing to the eye, but it probably wasn’t as enjoyable for those in the middle of the domino chain. Even better, all mattresses used in the world record were donated to charity.

Upon watching the video, viewers can see a Guinness World Record representative clutching his stopwatch; these reps probably have one of the most interesting jobs ever to exist. As the crowd of onlookers begins to countdown “3, 2, 1,” the first mattress topples, then the next. There were many smiles on the human dominoes, but we must say that the mattresses fell at a relatively fast and aggressive rate.

Aaron’s Inc (USA) took just under a minute to score their Guinness World Record for the Largest Human Mattress Dominoes. However, creeping up behind them was Stylution Int’l (China), who thought, “let’s add 816 more mattresses and strip these Americans of their record!” Which they did.

The current record for the Largest Human Mattress Dominoes now rests at 2,016 in the hands of Stylution Int’l. Stylution’s placement of the mattresses was much closer than how the American’s placed theirs, which resulted in each person getting slapped in the face with a single-bed mattress with the utmost momentum.

Photo by Guinness World Records

Most of the time, there’s something fun to come out of attempting to reach a Guinness World Record. Other times, it can leave some damage, which is what we assume happened to cannabis advocate Irvin Rosenfeld. This canna-legend holds the world records for the “most pot consumed” after smoking 115,000 joints.

If there’s anybody who could top this world record, you’d probably guess Snoop Dogg. Our guess most definitely goes to Mr. Willie Nelson, who actually out-smoked the Doggfather in a video by BREALTV. They were even playing an innocent game of dominoes when Nelson whipped his ass and proved that Snoop might have been too high to win. Snoop, too high? What is our world coming to?

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