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The Prince Of Pot Opens First Dispensary

The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, is a legend in the fight to legalize cannabis. Now, the Emery’s have opened a dispensary in Vancouver.

The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, is a legend in the fight to legalize cannabis. Now, he is taking his advocacy one step further, and the Emery’s are opening a storefront dispensary. Marc and wife Jodie Emery are the owners of Cannabis Culture, a business devoted to the news, activism, and lifestyle of all things cannabis, especially in Canada.

The Prince of Pot

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Marc and Jodie Emery are names that should be well known to those who follow the legalization movement. If you love quality bud, then you have heard of BC bud, and the notoriety of that strain is a product of the hard work of Emery. Marc was arrested in 2009 in Canada at the request of US drug control officials, and extradited to the US the following year.

He pleaded guilty to selling cannabis seeds across international borders and was sentenced to 5 years. He claims to have sold more cannabis seeds than anyone alive, and no one disputes the fact. He has even run for mayor of his home, Vancouver, British Columbia, twice.

While Canada mostly left him alone, in the US, he was one of the most wanted “drug kingpins” in the world. The US doesn’t differentiate between the finished product and the seeds. He estimated in 2006 that he had sold seeds to over 120,000 customers, about half of whom he believed were out of the US.

When asked to estimate how much he had earned in his endeavors at that point, he conservatively guessed $15 million. Marc, who still led a modest life, used his earnings to help bankroll the legalization movement in Canada and spread the love of cannabis across the globe.

“The whole idea was that I would help facilitate the growth of so much marijuana that the DEA and all the agencies of the United States would ever be able to destroy it at the rate I would help create it and that, ultimately, I, one man, would neutralize the work of the entire DEA with their multi-billion dollar budget.” – Emery


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The new storefront, according to Jodie’s message on their various web accounts, is their very first dispensary.

“Come visit us at 512 Beatty Street, just a 4-minute walk through the park from @cannabisculturestore at 307 W. Hastings – and conveniently steps away from the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station!”

The post elaborates on the opening and its significance in the face of Canada’s current prohibition.

“We want to demonstrate what legalization should look like, and I’m eager to be able to do more to help the movement & push for more freedom and fair cannabis access. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the weeks ahead!”

The situation in Canada

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From less than a dozen dispensaries in 2012, the industry has expanded to over 100 in 2016. The date of the Emery’s announcement was April 29th, the same date that the government had given for all illegal dispensaries to shut down before facing fines and other measures.

Vancouver adopted a new legal framework for dispensaries in June of 2015, but so far, only about 20 of its dispensaries are going through the process to become certified. The other 80+ dispensaries will now be subject to civil prosecution, and possibly more.

The federal health minister’s office has stated that it will not decriminalize marijuana until the legalization plans of the capital have been passed.

“Until legalization legislation is put through, the current laws and the way it is now will stay in place. So the laws and current laws around marijuana would stay and must be obeyed.” – Health Ministry official

Do you think that the Prince of Pot and people of Canada will succeed in the battle for legalization? Will the industry survive until it passes? Share you thoughts on social media or in the comments section below.

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