The cannabis industry is ready to boom and this ex-Wall Street banker is prepared.

The speed at which the cannabis industry is developing is truly remarkable, and potreneurs like Michael Steinmetz are hard at work preparing for the future.

Jul 10, 2015 - HERB

The speed at which the cannabis industry is developing is truly remarkable.

This clip exemplifies exactly that, beginning with an interview of ex-Wall Street banker and potreneur Michael Steinmetz who is striving to establish ‘the Whole Foods of cannabis’ with a delivery service app.

The fact that this level of innovation is no longer a surprise indicates the level of maturity the cannabis market has already reached, only embellishing the expectations for the future.

What’s the source of recent buzz? The recent death of a house bill that would have allowed federal medical marijuana testing gives us little hope for nationwide policy change. So what then? We’ll give you a hint: starts with Califor, ends with N-I-A.

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