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industry | 01.01.2022

The First Ever Marijuana Gas Stations

Yes, you are reading that headline right. Marijuana gas stations will become a thing in the very near future. See how they’ll work!

Yes, you read that correctly – marijuana gas stations. No, obviously you won’t be pumping your car up with cannabis oil or anything like that.

A new business model called Gas and Grass is combining the traditional gas station and marijuana dispensaries together. Native Roots, a major dispensary in Colorado, will open its first two Gas and Grass locations in Colorado Springs next month. One will be located at West Uintah and 17th Street, and the other will be located at Academy and Galley.

“It’s really just kind of pairing the convenience in one specific stop,” stated company spokesperson Tia Mattson.

Mattson explained that these marijuana gas stations won’t exactly be together per say. The gas station and dispensary entrances will be separate and the dispensary will follow all the guidelines and restrictions that apply to any other medical marijuana store in Colorado. For the gas station, it will be your typical gas station opened to the public.

“We definitely are leaders and we’re visionaries,” said Mattson. “It’s just one more thing for us to pair up the shopping and convenience of gas with a stop for somebody who is a patient, to knock off both errands at one time.”

Take a look at the video below for more information! We are excited to see how these marijuana gas stations play out!

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