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legalization | 01.17.2020

We Hope You Agree, This Is What Awareness Looks Like

With the “Here’s My Ribbon” campaign, breast cancer patients and advocates around the world are raising awareness for medical cannabis therapies.

It’s October, which means it’s the time of year everything from police cars, fracking drills, football cleats, and junk food are painted pink for breast cancer awareness. Are you aware yet?

Support pink with green

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Desperate patients and their friends and family run, walk and fight for “awareness” and money to support research in hopes a cure will be found.

What has that awareness brought but more awareness campaigns and more pharmaceutical profits?

It seems all that all this pink just generates green for corporate profiteers, but there is a better green solution.

With the “Here’s My Ribbon” campaign, patients and advocates around the world are raising awareness for medical cannabis therapies.

While researchers are making strides every day in traditional breast cancer therapies, cannabis is almost always overlooked as a treatment for the ravishes of radiation and chemotherapy.

More importantly, the proven ability of the ever-demonized THC to shrink and kill tumors.

Illegally Healed

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Illegally Healed is asking you join them in spreading a different awareness this October– cannabis saves lives– and you can grow it yourself if it’s legal where you live. If it isn’t, then it should be.

We see that patients around the world are using cannabis to get through chemotherapy or radiation and we wanted to create something that would spark that conversation. We don’t just sell t-shirts, we stock gear for the unashamed. – Corey Hunt, co-founder of Illegally Healed


Angela Bacca is a Portland, Oregon-based writer, journalist, photographer and medical cannabis patient. She has been working in cannabis media for eight years, starting with Ed Rosenthal’s Quick Trading Company, where she continues to collaborate on editorial projects. She is the former editor of Cannabis Now Magazine as well as the former managing editor of Ladybud Magazine. She currently freelances for a wide variety of cannabis media including Illegally Healed, Alternet.org, and Civilized.life. Bacca has a Bachelor’s in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Mills College.

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