Is The DEA About To Ease Restrictions For Cannabis Research?

The DEA have announced that restrictions on researchers to conduct studies on cannabis could be eased, giving much more freedom to researchers conducting studies on CBD.

Jan 9, 2016 - Sera Jane Ghaly

According to the most recent DEA release, restrictions on researchers to conduct studies on cannabis could be eased.

This leniency only pertains to CBD, one of the cannabinoid components of marijuana. Unfortunately, the restrictions will not be eased across all studies involving marijuana, but these changes will give much more freedom to researchers conducting studies on CBD.

The aim is to streamline the process a little more, making it easier to gain approval for studies and for protocols. It is anticipated that these changes will allow science to make a more rapid progression with the study of cannabis.

What’s changing exactly?

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Prior to these changes, it was required that if scientists wanted to modify their study or protocol in any way, they had to seek a long-winded approval. Under the new changes, as long as a scientist is a previously registered clinical researcher who has been given a waiver, they will be able to modify their studies more fluidly and without delay.

This means that a part of the approval process has been removed, a part that usually causes delays in the progress of these studies. This has caused immense delays in the research of CBD, an extremely curative substance, and this is becoming more so the more we do research. This enables the solutions to be found faster, and this effectively means more people will receive the treatment they need.

The changes don’t stretch to THC

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These changes to the restrictions on research will not extend to the cannabinoid THC, the main ingredient in marijuana. It is the psychoactive component, and according to the DEA is still a Schedule I drug. Although policy reform has not occurred yet for CBD, it is slowly being recognized by the authorities that it has some medicinal properties that are worth researching. Despite the fact that THC also contains very medicinal properties, this has not yet been recognized by the American government.

CBD is a powerful curing agent for both the mind and the body, but there is a general lacking in the understanding that THC is a great medicine for the psyche. It opens up channels that allow for creativity, problem-solving and an overall well being. Medicines of these sorts often go unrecognized by authorities because it is harder to collect quantitative information about the results. However, it is increasingly difficult to collect information about the potential healing properties of THC when the government will not allow research to continue.

The changes are welcome

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The changes to the research policies for CBD are definitely welcome to scientists who have been trying to speed up this process for a long time now. Medical marijuana became legal 20 years ago in California, and it has taken all this time for the government to finally recognize that there might be some medicinal quality to CBD. It’s about time!

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