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legalization | 12.12.2019

Denver Dispensaries Could Stay Open Until Midnight Under New Proposal

Why might extending hours at Denver dispensaries be beneficial? You mean, other than adding to the over $100 million dollars in tax revenue for 2016?

Live in Denver? Have you ever been pissed that you can’t make a late-night run to grab some weed? With most dispensaries closing at 7 pm in Denver, those late-night runs are literally impossible. Good news for you, there is a proposed bill that would allow Denver dispensaries to stay open until midnight.Perhaps, though, you enjoying driving, biking, taking the bus, or hitching a ride with friends to drive to Aurora, Commerce City, Edgewater, or even Boulder to snag some goodies?

Why so Denver dispensaries close early?

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When the Colorado state recreational bill passed in 2014, it allowed municipalities to decide how late dispensaries could stay open, with 12 am being the latest.

The city of Denver chose 7 pm, while surrounding areas, like Commerce City, Aurora, and Edgewater allowing their dispensaries to say open anywhere from 10 pm to 12 pm.

The consideration and passage of this bill would mean that you and your buddies don’t have to clock tons of miles to grab some recreational or medical goodies late at night.

On Monday, March 13th, Denver’s cannabis committee met to discuss the proposition. The head of the Marijuana Industry Group, Kristi Kelly, and other industry leaders presented their case to the committee.

Despite the knowledgeable rockstar presenters, the committee has decided to take more time to evaluate the bill. The next hearing date for the bill has not been scheduled.

Benefits of late night

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Why might extending hours at dispensaries be beneficial? You mean, other than adding to the already over $100 million dollars in tax revenue for 2016?

Champions of the bill say, that in addition to being able to sell for more hours and increasing the city’s tax revenue, makes the city more competitive in sales with the surrounding cities (whose dispensaries stay open later).

In addition, and probably most obvious, what cannabis user doesn’t want to buy marijuana late into the night?

How you can help

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First of all, you can read the bill here. If you’re a proponent of Denver dispensaries staying open until 12 pm, do something about it!

Learn more about Denver’s special marijuana committee and get into contact with them; communicate to them why you’re in support of the bill, ask them specifically how you can help, and then take action.

Legislation moves faster when the public begins to get involved, so rally your buddies, send off some emails, and makes some purposeful phone calls. So get involved and communicate with your city officials about this issue if it is something you are passionate about.

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