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legalization | 01.01.2022

House Republicans Deny Federal Studies on Medical Marijuana and Kill Bill Quietly

This proposal could have helped patients desperate for understanding the therapeutic properties of medical marijuana and optimizing their medical options.

This is frustrating at the very least, and easily infuriating after brief reflection.

On Wednesday night the House Republicans killed a proposal to allow federal testing of medical marijuana. These tests could give answers to patients and families desperate for understanding the therapeutic properties of cannabis and optimizing their medical options.

Why deny suffering people this information? The Washington Post clarifies it succinctly:

“The vote is the latest action to reflect national Republicans’ uncertainty on how to address shifting public sentiment about marijuana use.

We’ll elucidate this further: this uncertainty leaves patients without treatment, effectively prolonging suffering, and in dire circumstances, leading to unnecessary death.

This motion is a clear disregard for, notably:

    1. Countless parents playing doctor and chemist in search of the best medical marijuana solution to treat their epileptic children, and
    2. Veterans who fought for this country and were given debilitating PTSD as a result, but denied access to cannabis, the oftentimes only remedy that helps them cope

It is a voluntary motion that devalues life, prioritizing the fear of reefer madness over healing the sick. And the healthy remainder of us are sickened by it. What is perhaps most sad is that we shouldn’t be surprised — The Washington Post reminds us:

“When a Senate committee this year passed a measure to let doctors discuss marijuana with patients at Veterans Affairs clinics, House Republicans shot it down. When the District legalized weed for personal use, a powerful House committee chairman threatened the city’s mayor with jail time.”

The only mistake we can make in response to such developments is to bury our disappointment and not square up to the reality of the situation.

Let’s be very clear: the US government is choosing to support prohibition of a medicine in fear of the implications federal policy change would have. Whose opinions they fear or what cultural deviation they can’t bear to risk is left to us to guess.

We urge you to share this story and inform your network — honest awareness is the first step towards change.


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